The Jack Benny Program

Season 5 Episode 3

How Jack Found Mary

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Oct 31, 1954 on CBS



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    • Mary: (on the phone with Jack) Brace yourself. This morning I got a brand-new Cadillac convertible.
      Jack: Mary, you, you got a -- w-why, that costs over $5000.
      Mary: That's right.
      Jack: But how can you afford a car like that?
      Mary: Well, after all, Jack, I've been working for you for 20 years.
      Jack: (over the phone) I know.
      Mary: So last week, I went down to the bank, drew out all the savings I had, bought a raffle ticket, and won the car.

    • Sally: (noticing Jack flirting across the store) Gee, look at what he's doing now. He's really talented!
      Mary: Oh, Sally. You say that about every guy who can wiggle his ears.

    • Jack: (to Mary, after seeing a dancer do a split from the counter top) Say, you get a lot of strange customers around here, don't you?
      Sally: (butting in) Awww. You're just self-conscious.

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