The Jack Benny Program

Season 11 Episode 8

Jack Goes To A Concert

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Dec 11, 1960 on CBS

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  • A romp from start to finish!

    Jimmy Stewart orders an orchid for his wife, Gloria, to wear as they prepare to go out to a violin concert. The orchid, however, is mistakenly delivered to Jack Benny due to the similarity in their addresses. Lovably stingy Jack keeps it, as he has so many of the Stewarts' items that went to him, and gives it to his date for the evening, Mildred Meyerhauser, aka "Miss Sour Cream", who would rather go to the fights. The Stewarts let it slide, since they have no desire to see Jack Benny, whom they consider to be very annoying. As luck would have it, they find Jack and Miss Sour Cream at the concert, thus ruining their night out.

    The jokes are endless. Rochester subtilely ribs Jack on his violin playing, the Stewarts compare tales of their experiences with items being mis-delivered to Jack and his failure to return them, and a florist ribs Jimmy on his lovably famous tendency to, shall we say, "take the scenic route" finishing a sentence. There is a reference to a movie starring Jimmy that was playing at a theater across the street from the concert hall. The movie isn't named, but it could be "The F.B.I. Story", starring Jimmy Stewart, that was playing at about that time.
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