The Jack Benny Program

Season 10 Episode 11

Jack Is Arrested

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Feb 21, 1960 on CBS

Episode Recap

Everyone in Jack's neighborhood is going to sleep, except Jack, because he can't find is pajamas. Rochester tells Jack that all of friends are playing golf on Wednesday; Jack says if Rochester wants a day off, all he has to do is ask; Rochester asks, and Jack says no. Unable to sleep, Jack gets up and practice his violin at 2 AM, waking up everyone in the neighborhood. The police are called and Jack is arrested for disturbing the peace. He's thrown in jail in downtown Los Angeles; they didn't take him to the jail in Beverly Hills because he didn't have a reservation.
While in jail, Jack talks to a drunk man who is celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary, and two men who think Jack is a safe cracker. Rochester arrives and Jack orders him to find a lawyer. In the meantime, Jack is placed in a police lineup. Rochester returns with Frank Nelson who was on the street corner sitting behind a desk. After a few insults, Jack tells Frank to get lost; he'll defend himself.
In the courtroom, the judge is in a bad mood because someone kept him awake all night with his violin playing. Jack breaks down and confesses that he robbed a safe.
That night, while getting ready for bed, Jack still can't find his pajamas.
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