The Jack Benny Program

CBS (ended 1965)





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  • One of the greatest TV shows ever produced.

    One of the greatest fans of Jack Benny is my father. He has several DVDs of his show in his collection. He was a fan ever since his radio show in the 1930s. Whenever Jack visted his valut, my father laughed so hard that he was afraid that he was going to get apoplexy. I saw some of his shows as well, and me and my whole family were unable to stop laughing at them. There is no doubt at all that Jack Benny is by far one of the greatest comic geniuses in the entire history of the genre of comedy.
  • Attention Seinfeld. Jack Benny did it first!

    One of the earliest and best sitcoms. It is amazing how little the humour has dated.

    Benny's television show was a continuation of what had worked for him for years on radio. Episodes revolved around Jack's life at home and at the studio making his television show - which were all somehow connected. On one episode of his television show, Jack even apologized for being late; "But I was backstage listening to my radio show and, gee, I was so good."
  • I love this show.

    I watch this show evry saterday at 10:00pm.It may be old but its grate! I'll watch this show any day Its grate and very funny and its one of my favorites. its perfect . very funny yup . humm well very funny well humm funny funny funny yup well funny