The Jack Benny Program - Season 10

CBS (ended 1965)




Episode Guide

  • Final Show of the Season
    Jack has just returned from a tour of the Far East, so he has Don bring him onstage in a rickshaw. He says that in Japan they are watching American shows that are three years old. Benny didn't have the heart to tell them $64,000 Question was rigged. Dennis Day sings "A Woman in Love."
    In the skit, Jack meets with his sponsor's reps to renew his contract. The execs believe that it's Dennis Day who's getting all the laughs on the show. They want to replace Jack with a look-alike dummy that slowly turns his head like Jack does during one of his takes. Benny tells the dummy about all the problems it will have with the cast.moreless
  • Easter Show
    Easter Show
    Episode 14
    Jack and his loud and pushy girlfriend Mildred walk in the Beverly Hills Easter Parade. Along the route they meet up with many of Jack's usual agitators: Dennis Day, who sings "Easter Parade"; Don Wilson, dressed as an old lady in an Easter bonnet for the Lux commercial; Professor LeBlanc, Jack's old violin teacher; the two old women who head the Pasadena chapter of Jack's fan club; and photographer Frank Nelson.moreless
  • Slogan Contest
    Slogan Contest
    Episode 13
    Jack is convinced he's a shoo-in to win a product slogan contest he enters. When he doesn't win the first prize money, he decides to sue the company sponsoring the product. Benny goes to a lawyer's office and finds the place is overrun with lunatics like Mel Blanc and Dennis Day. Frank Nelson plays the contest promoter.moreless
  • Natalie Wood / Robert Wagner Show
    Jack badgers network executives into letting him direct an episode of their prestigious drama series Playhouse 90. Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner are the unlucky stars who endure Jack's ridiculous instructions on how to play the scenes. The crew is not nearly so gracious; they quickly grow tired of Jack's foolish orders, walk out, and leave him hanging--from a microphone boom.moreless
  • Jack Is Arrested
    Jack Is Arrested
    Episode 11
    Lights throughout the neighborhood pop on as Jack plays his violin at 2 AM. He's arrested for disturbing the peace and he's hauled off to the Los Angeles jail--you need an appointment to get thrown in the Beverly Hills hoosegow. In jail, he's badgered by a drunk and a pair of criminals who think he has the beautiful hands of a safe cracker. Rochester brings a lawyer he found sitting behind a desk on the street corner: Frank Nelson. Jack promptly fires him. When it's Benny's turn in court, the judge is very cranky because he was kept up all night by some jerk playing the violin. Frightened to tell the truth, Jack confesses to cracking a safe.moreless
  • George Gobel Show
    George Gobel Show
    Episode 10
    Jack's guests are nightclub/country singer Molly Bee and comedian George Gobel. Needing an ego boost, Jack has Rochester conduct a telephone survey to determine his popularity. Bee plays one of the hicks who are questioned. Gobel is a Kentucky hillbilly who, it turns out, is the only person in the U.S. who watches Jack, and that's only because Benny is the only thing that comes in on his TV. Don does the commercial as a Shakespearean soliloquy accompanied by Jack on his violin. Molly Bee sings "Have You Heard?"moreless
  • Maurice Gosfield Amateur Show
    Jack searches for the stars of tomorrow with another a amateur talent show. The (lack of) talent that tests Benny's patience includes a tuba-playing boy who won't play, a sweet little lady who does a strip routine, and Howard McNear as mind-reader Fletcher Quill.
    Pvt. Duane Doberman from The Phil Silvers Show (Maurice Gosfield) does impersonations of Alfred Hitchcock, Charles Boyer, and Bette Davis.moreless
  • Ben Blue Show
    Ben Blue Show
    Episode 8
    Jack tells how he discovered "Chandu the Magician" in Ben Blue's restaurant and got him on his show. Jack puts Chandu (played by Blue) out of commission, making it necessary for Benny to put the hokey robe and turban and masquerade as the magic man. The act is a total disaster, thanks in no small part to Jack's inept assistant, Dennis Day.moreless
  • George Burns Show
    George Burns Show
    Episode 7
    George Burns drops by to visit Jack and Rochester. Benny and Burns both hate their Christmas gift from Don Wilson--shotguns--and they call the announcer at home and complain. Don recalls, in a flashback, the time he took the two comedians duck hunting. The pair were helpless in the wild and had nothing but problems, including a visit from game warden Frank Nelson.moreless
  • Jack Goes To a Pasadena Fan Club Meeting
    In the monologue, Jack fires Don (again) for giving him a lousy introduction. Dennis tells Jack a ridiculous story about going fishing and sings "Sinner Man." The president and secretary of the Jack Benny Fan Club, Pasadena chapter, invite Jack to their meeting. He declines--until he learns they want him to play his violin.
    At the meeting of little old ladies, he sits in the rocking chair of honor. When he performs "Love in Bloom", the women swoon and faint from excitement. The gals have put together their own swingin' jazz band and join Benny in "Swanee River/When the Saints Come Marchin' In."moreless
  • Jack Paar Show
    Jack Paar Show
    Episode 5
    In his monologue, Benny says he is going to follow the new CBS policy on honesty (the "quiz show scandal" was underway) and tell the truth from now on. He admits he's not really 39.
    Joyce Davidson attempts to do the Lux commercial but is constantly interrupted by Don and Jack. Dennis Day sings "Climb Every Mountain." Guest Jack Paar asks Benny to fill in for him on the Tonight Show while he goes to Honolulu. Benny is hesitant, so Paar offers to show him how it's done. Dennis imitates Paar's frequent guest Charlie Weaver. In a running gag, every time someone says something interesting, Paar interrupts for a commercial.moreless
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Stewart Show
    In his monologue, Jack informs the audience that Jimmy and Gloria Stewart begged him to come to their anniversary party. However, Jimmy is seen explaining to his wife that he couldn't stop Jack from inviting himself. Benny and his irritating girlfriend Mildred crash the intimate dinner party at a swanky Beverly hills restaurant and drive the Stewarts to drastic measures.moreless
  • Jack Webb Show
    Jack Webb Show
    Episode 3
    Benny brings out his guest Jack Webb during the monologue. Jack demands to know why they paid Webb $5000 since he doesn't sing, dance, or play a musical instrument; he's not even a real cop! Jack calls him a crook!
     Don does the Lux commercial as Confucius.
    Benny claims Dragnet is just like a Charlie Chan movie, leading to the sketch Dragon-net. Jack plays Charlie, who works in a laundry, and Webb is Number One son. It features a take-off of Edd "Kookie" Burns from 77 Sunset Strip as well as jokes about many of the other detective shows on the air. George Gobel makes a cameo to plug his series which aired on alternate weeks with the Benny program.moreless
  • Harry Truman Show
    Harry Truman Show
    Episode 2
    In the opening sketch, the director says the show is too long, but Benny refuses to do the show unless they put back the line about his blue eyes. Instead, he insists that the Sportsmen Quartet do the Minute waltz commercial for Lux Soap in 40 seconds. In the main sketch, Benny does a benefit concert in Kansas City, and Truman invites him on a tour of the Harry S. Truman Library in Independence, Missouri. Harry asks Jack to tell his real age in front of a portrait of George Washington. Jack's thrilled that the presidential seal if made of solid gold. At the close, Truman's secretary cracks his office door to eavesdrop and hears a piano and squeaky violin playing.moreless
  • The Jack Benny Program 30 Years In the Future
    The series' 10th season debuts with everyone trying to adjust to changes. Jack misses the opening of his show, having fallen asleep in his dressing room because of the late hour. Don and the Sportsmen Quartet can't break their habit of doing commercials for Lucky Strike rather than their new sponsor, Lux Soap. Dennis Day performs "While We're Young." In the sketch, Jack imagines The Jack Benny Program 30 years in the future. Everyone looks much older--except Jack.moreless