The Jack Benny Program - Season 2

CBS (ended 1965)




Episode Guide

  • Dorothy Shay
    Dorothy Shay
    Episode 1
    The guest stars are singer Dorothy Shay, the "Park Avenue Hillbilly" and musician Frank Remley. Bob Crosby walks on stage in the middle of one of Jack's monologue jokes and proceeds to sing "I'm Sending You a Big Bouquet of Roses". Then, Don Wilson interrupts to apologize for being late. Mel Blanc, the taxi driver who brought Wilson to the studio, brings in the briefcase he left behind. Jack is shocked when Don tips him a five! Dorothy Shay sings "Beverly Hills".
    Shay introduces, from the Ozarks, Zeke Benny and His Mad Mountain Boys. Jack, in bibbed overalls, leads the ragged bunch of hillbilly musicians in performing "You Are My Sunshine" and "Fascinating Rhythm". Zeke introduces the band members, including the young pre-teen girl vocalist as "my wife".moreless
  • Helene Francois Show
    Jack's ancient Maxwell breaks down in Beverly Hills while Rochester is driving him to the studio. The radiator erupts steam, the headlight falls out, and the hood flaps like a bird's wing. In his monologue, Benny discusses Christmas presents for his cast and crew. Jack introduces Helene Francois, a French singer he says he heard in a New York nightclub, who performs "All My Love." Don Wilson comes out dressed in beret and velvet coat to appear "continental" and impress Miss Francois. Jack brings back Lynette Bryant, the poker-faced girl his previous program's hillbilly segment, for a chat. Jujitsu expert Leon Salvadore, who supposed can throw anyone within 12 seconds faces six burly men from the gym. They promptly beat the heck out of him.moreless
  • Gaslight
    Episode 3
    In the monologue, Jack discusses his film career. Don doesn't want to do the commercial Jack has written for him because it's silly and embarrassing. As Don pitches Luckies, Jack makes his pant legs roll up and down. Pianist Ray Noble performs "Good Night Sweetheart." The sketch is a parody of the film Gaslight. Bella's husband, a jewel thief, is trying to make her think she's crazy by turning the pictures upside down and putting a horse in the closet. A Scotland Yard inspector comes to her rescue.moreless
  • Gracie Bit
    Gracie Bit
    Episode 4
    It's ten minutes before airtime and Gracie Allen is missing. George Burns talks Jack into dressing in drag and passing himself off as Gracie. Makeup man Frank Nelson quickly works on Jack when not tossing insults. The Sportsmen crowd into the dressing room to sing their Lucky commercial. A fetching Jack performs with George in one of their standard stand-up routines. Easily-confused Gracie finally arrives, doesn't realize George's partner was Jack, thinks her husband's fooling around with another woman--namely Tallulah Bankhead--and storms off. Don wants his girdle back so he can fit in his car.moreless
  • Isaac Stern Show
    Isaac Stern Show
    Episode 5
    Rochester shows off the bowling ball trophy he won in a tournament last night; Dennis drops by and gets it stuck on his hand. Day informs Jack he wants to do his Johnny Ray impression on the show though Jack wants a classy number. The Sportsmen sing the Lucky Strike commercial. On the show, guest Isaac Stern performs "Introduction and Rondo capriccioso" by Saint-Saens. Jack joins him for a duet of "Filight of the Bumblebee." In Stern's honor, Jack introduces Dennis performing "Sweetheart" from Maytown backed by ten violinists in tails. Day promptly launches into Johnny Ray's hit "Cry".moreless
  • Jack Prepares For a Trip to England
    Jack and Rochester are packing for the boss' summer concert tour of England and Scotland. Jack's doctor chases him down to give him an inoculation shot. Don drops by with wax fruit and the Sportsmen, who sing "Bye Bye Benny". Jack's agent auditions a supporting act for Jack's show, the Landrews Sisters, who perform "Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?" Throughout it all, Ronald Coleman's butler, Sherwood, reclaims everything Jack has borrowed from them; when he's through, the Benny house is bare.moreless