The Jack Benny Program - Season 3

CBS (ended 1965)




Episode Guide

  • Visit To The Vault
    Visit To The Vault
    Episode 8
    Jack prepares a dinner party to celebrate the end of the TV season. Bob Crosby and Gisele MacKenzie arrive before the other guests and sing a Lucky commercial. Jack still owes Gisele money for a previous concert engagement she did with him, so he takes her down to his fabled vault. Bob passes since he's already seen the vault of his brother Bing. The pair dodge various security contraptions including a moat containing an alligator, a camera that takes photos of everyone who enters, sirens, and the guard, Ed, who hasn't been above ground in decades.moreless
  • Fred Allen Show
    Fred Allen Show
    Episode 7
    After Jack's monologue rehearsal (lots of jokes about Fred Allen), Rochester rides out on Benny's hot dog cart and sells sandwiches to the crew. He serenades them with "Side by Side" so he can collect a cover charge. Jack is in the lobby of his sponsor's office to renew his contract option. Meanwhile inside Mr. Lewis' office, Fred Allen is trying to convince him to put Jack "out to pasture" and and hire him for the show. Allen hides in a closet as Jack enters. When Mr. Lewis says he wants a few days to think it over, Jack smells a louse. Leaving, Benny opens the wrong door, finds Allen and hits the roof. After the pair have reconciled, Eddie Cantor pops out of another closet and pitches Mr. Lewis on making him the star of the show.
    The show concludes with Cantor, Allen, and Jack on stage in front of the curtain trading jabs.moreless
  • Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
    The sketch is a take-off on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Jack playing both of the title roles. Bob Crosby, as a medical student, performs "A Foggy Day in London Town." The good doctor's new potion turns him into a murderous madman who recycles one of his patients into a teaching skeleton. Hyde is finally brought down by another patient who's pumped up with vitamins.moreless
  • 60 Piece Orchestra Skit
    In an interview in his dressing room, Jack tells a reporter how he would rather have been a concert violinist than a comedian. In flashbacks, Jack, as a small boy and as a teen, does nothing but practice his violin. He imagines that he is soloist with a philharmonic orchestra. To the cheers of the audience and his fellow musicians, he wows them with his rendition of "Love in Bloom." Also, Jack forces an embarrassed Don to don a tutu and perform a ballet as a happy tobacco leaf. In the epilogue, in invites Ann Sothern up form the audience to plug her series Private Secretary which airs three out of four weeks with Benny.moreless
  • Cafe Skit
    Cafe Skit
    Episode 4
    Jimmy and Gloria Stewart plan a romantic New Year's Eve at a French restaurant. Their night is destroyed by a self-invited Jack and his uncouth date, Mabel Flapsaddle, a telephone operator at CBS. Jack and Mable make a spectacle of themselves by dancing like goons, tripping waiters and fighting with other patrons. Mable causes Jimmy to squirm when she serenades him with a loud rendition of "You Belong to Me." The evening is made when her pal from work, Gertrude Gearshift, shows up with her doltish boyfriend who's been in high school nine years.moreless
  • Jack Gets Robbed
    Jack Gets Robbed
    Episode 3
    In the opening monologue, Jack is pestered for an autograph by a little girl claiming to be Margaret Truman from Washington, D.C. Bob Crosby sings "Peter Pan" with an assist from the child.
    At home, Jack tries to fall asleep but is awakened by a leaky bathroom faucet. Rochester comes and fixes it, then rocks Jack to sleep in his bed/crib. As he snoozes, two thieves come in the bedroom window and encounter booby traps in his dresser drawers and a live tiger in his safe.moreless
  • Buck Benny Rides Again
    In his monologue, Jack explains it's tradition for a guest to get a sample of the sponsor's product, so Dinah will get a carton of Luckies; Jack's expecting a Chevrolet when he does Dinah's show. In a cowboy sketch, Dinah's forced to sing in a saloon to raise $2000 to pay off her mortgage or she'll have to marry bad guy Tombstone Harry. She performs "Blues in the Night," and "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" with the Sportsmen in the Luckies commercial. In a filmed segment, Buck Benny competes in a rodeo for the money, but loses. Angry Dinah tries to shoot Benny with his own screwy gun, but kills Harry instead. In the epilogue, Benny introduces Alan Hale, Jr. and Randy Stuart who premiere next week in Biff Baker USA on CBS for the same sponsor.moreless
  • Bob Crosby's Contract
    Jack introduces new cast member Bob Crosby, who refuses to sing until his contract is signed. Bob finally performs "You Belong to Me" and Jack invites him over over to sign the contract after the show.
    Before Bob arrives, Jack and Rochester wreck the house and make it look like a shabby hovel. Their scheme is for Bob to think Benny's broke and sign for only $50 a week. Bob has a trick of his own, parading his kids in as starving, shabbily-dressed waifs. Jack bites and agrees to sign Bob for $500 a week.moreless