The Jack Benny Program - Season 4

CBS (ended 1965)




Episode Guide

  • Road to Nairobi
    Road to Nairobi
    Episode 13
    One minute before airtime and Jack can't find his pants. Bob Hope opens with a monologue while holding Jack's slacks. He goes through his wallet, but his birthday has been erased from his driver's license. Jack storms on wearing Don's huge pants. They exchange jokes before Jack orders Don to come out; he's wearing Jack's tiny pants.
    The Sportsmen Quartet, in native costume, open the jungle sketch. Jack and Bob play African explorers who are attacked by cannibals and thrown into a huge stew pot. After much ad-libbing by Hope and breaking up by Benny, the natives are unable to start the fire. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis run in with a match.moreless
  • David Niven Show
    David Niven Show
    Episode 12
    In Jack's monologue, he discusses doing filmed episodes of the series. He's interrupted by a photographer and reporter who fail miserably to take Jack's photo. The Sportsmen Quartet set the mood for an English drawing room farce by singing "Mad Dogs and Englishmen." In the sketch, Jack plays Cecil Frothingham, the handsome British screen lover, who's having a secret affair with Lady Milbank. They break the news to Lord Milbank, but he seems more interested in his stamp collection. When Cecil finds out how valuable it is, he becomes more interested in stamps, too.moreless
  • Burns And Allen Show
    It's ten minutes before airtime and Gracie Allen is nowhere to be found. George Burns talks Jack into dressing in drag and passing himself off as Gracie. Makeup man Frank Nelson quickly works on Jack and Don Wilson contributes one of his girdles. The Sportsmen also crowd into the dressing room to do the Lucky commercial to the tune of "Black Ball Ferry Line".
    A fetching Jack performs with George in one of their standard stand-up routines. Easily-confused Gracie finally arrives, doesn't realize George's partner was Jack, and thinks her husband's been fooling around with another woman--namely Tallulah Bankhead. Benny decides he's pretty good looking as a gal.moreless
  • Goldie, Fields And Glide
    Jack is lounging in his back yard in a rocking hammock being powered by Rochester, who's peddling a modified sewing machine, and churning butter, and fanning, and cranking an ice cream maker.
    Jack tells Don he wants George Burns and Bing Crosby to recreate their old vaudeville routines on his show. As a song and dance act (Goldie, Fields and Glide), they entertained Scranton, Pennsylvania with flat vocals and out-of-synch choreography.
    Burns drops by with Crosby, who sings "Gypsy in My Soul". Bing says he'll do the show, but his $10,000 fee is more than Jack can handle. Bing gets thrown into in a tree where he finds Bob Hope, another star who made the mistake of asking for too much money.moreless
  • Helen Hayes Show
    Helen Hayes Show
    Episode 9
    Jack travels to New York and stays at the fleabag Acme Plaza Hotel; the furniture falls apart when you blow on it. Benny wants to perform in legitimate theater and seeks out Helen Hayes to teach him to be a dramatic actor. He gets his big break when one of Miss Hayes' acting students becomes ill and cannot play in the class performance that night. Jack jumps at the chance to fill in. It turns out that the class is for children and Benny's role has him hopping around in a large bunny suit.moreless
  • Jack Dreams He's Married To Mary
    Rochester writes in his diary about the day's events: Mary rushes over to discuss something important and Jack thinks she's going to accept one of his numerous marriage proposals. Instead, she lectures him on being so cheap. Jack dozes on the couch and dreams about their wedding ceremony, with justice of the peace Don Wilson turning it into a Lucky commercial. Then it's on to their 21st anniversary; he's a failed radio actor/house husband and she's the breadwinner, still working at the May Company. Eventually, "dream Mary" also launches into him for being a cheapskate. In the epilogue, Jack brings out both Mary and Joanie for bows.moreless
  • Liberace Show
    Liberace Show
    Episode 7
    After a show, Jack tries to return a call to Liberace but the two operators, Gertrude and Mabel, are too busy gossiping. Jack drops by Liberace's home and finds the place filled with candelabras and servants, all in tuxedos--even the gardener. Liberace asks Jack to fill in for his brother George in a concert he's giving that evening. In the theater lobby during intermission at the concert, Don Wilson does a Lucky Strike commercial. Liberace performs a solo, then the two play "September Song" with Jack on his violin.moreless
  • Reminiscing About Last New Year's
    In the monologue, Jack talks about his Christmas. Recalling last New Year's Eve, Jack has a big night planned with his date, Gloria. The cast has gathered in Jack's dressing room where Bob Crosby and the Sportsmen perform "Let's Start the New Year Right." Gloria calls and cancels at the last minute. A lonesome Jack wanders the streets, stopping in for coffee at Nick's Cafe. The waitress is Gloria, who had to work. Jack heads home to find Rochester in formal attire, ready to go out and celebrate. Rochester won't leave Jack alone on New Year's Eve; he cancels his plans and stays with Jack. The two old friends drink champagne and ring in the New Year together.moreless
  • Irene Dunne Show
    Irene Dunne Show
    Episode 5
    While Benny is getting a haircut, he reads that director Gregory Ratoff is planning a new movie starring Irene Dunne and Vincent Price. Jack thinks he'd be perfect playing against Irene Dunne. He calls Ratoff, then Dunne, and tries to get them fire Price and give him the part. When that doesn't work, Jack invites himself to Dunne's house for the first rehearsal. Benny disrupts the proceedings by cracking walnuts and fluffing the tiny role they gave him read.moreless
  • Johnny Ray Show
    Johnny Ray Show
    Episode 4
    Rochester lounges around in a smoking jacket on his day day off so Jack attempts to cook an omelet for lunch. Don arrives and Rochester sings the Lucky commercial (to the tune of "The Sunny Side of the Street") as the two do a soft-shoe. Johnnie Ray's contract to appear on Benny's TV show arrives and Jack is horrified by his $10,000 fee. He storms over to Ray's home and offers him $250 instead. Johnny sings "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone," and "Cry" for Jack and performance is so devastating, Jack is turned into a helpless bowl of jelly. Jack pays him $15,000.
    At the end of the show, Danny Thomas makes a guest appearance to plug his show Make Room for Daddy.moreless
  • Humphrey Bogart Show
    Jack's monologue is interrupted by Bob Crosby, who's upset that his song was cut from the show, and by Don, who's angry that he's not a part of this week's commercial. In the sketch, officers haul "Baby Face" Bogart into the police station. He tells Detective Benny he knows nothing about the murder of Blinky Mason. Benny tries to get rough but Bogart keeps slapping him back. During the interrogation, "Baby Face" launches into the Lucky Strike commercial and sings their jingle. He pulls a gun on Detective Benny, who runs fleeing from the building. In the epilogue, Jack thanks Humphrey Bogart and plugs his new picture, Beat the Devil.moreless
  • Jack As A Child
    Jack As A Child
    Episode 2
    Jack's monologue is interrupted by an elderly fan who asks him to kiss her like he'd kissed Marilyn Monroe. Rochester tells Jack that the reporter writing his biography is waiting backstage. The show flashes back to Jack's childhood. Young Jackie argues with his father (played by Benny) about being a musician for the love of music, not for the money. The little kid is shocked by the idea. The Benny family's friends and relatives gather for the weekly Sunday musicale. In a commercial, The Sportsmen Quartet sings a modified version of "By the Light of the Silvery Moon."moreless
  • Honolulu Trip
    Honolulu Trip
    Episode 1
    Jack tells the audience about the trip he took with Rochester to Hawaii when a travelogue announcer takes over the story. On the return cruise home, Jack encounters "Dr. Masters" (of sex study fame) and Mr. Kitzel. Falling asleep in a deck chair, Jack dreams the heavyset woman beside him is Marilyn Monroe and that she finds him irresistible. He proposes but she's concerned about their age difference. She coos the song "Bye Bye, Baby" to Jack and agrees to meet him for dinner. He chases after her, being awakened by a huge kiss from the chubby woman.
    In the epilogue, Jack thanks Marilyn for making her TV debut with him, and plugs her new movie How to Marry a Millionaire. Jack mentions his infamous film, The Horn Blows at Midnight.moreless