The Jack Benny Program - Season 5

CBS (ended 1965)




Episode Guide

  • Jackie Gleason Show
    Jackie Gleason Show
    Episode 16
    Jack and Rochester are in New York, relaxing in the penthouse suite of the luxurious St. Regis Hotel. They're staying for free, masquerading as painters. Whenever the doorbell rings, they put on painters' caps and toss drop cloths around the room. Jack's awaiting Jackie Gleason for a business meeting. Before Gleason enters the room, the June Taylor Dancers prance in and give him an huge introduction. Gleason and Benny are forming a production company to make movies. Jack thinks the films will star him; Jackie has heard about The Horn Blows at Midnight and has different ideas. When the hotel manager calls to say he's coming up, Rochester starts throwing out the drop cloths and paint buckets. Benny puts a cap on Gleason and tells him he's the foreman.moreless
  • Preparing For New York Trip
    Jack and Rochester are driven to the train station by a crying cab driver who can't bear to say goodbye. He even follows Jack inside and buys him flowers and candy. Once in the station, Jack runs into Mr. Kitzel in a kilt, a young couple who won't stop kissing, and the racetrack tout who gives him tips on which train to take. Besides being interrupted by a PA announcer making ridiculous announcements, Jack has trouble at the ticket counter because Frank Nelson is working the window. In the epilogue, Jack brings out Mel Blanc and gives him his pay check. Mel starts crying again.moreless
  • You Bet Your Life
    You Bet Your Life
    Episode 14
    Jack is dressed as Little Boy Blue to attend Darryl Zanuck's costume party, to which he wasn't invited. When he reads that Groucho Marx is giving away $3000 on You Bet Your Life, he forgets the party and sets his sites on winning the jackpot. Disguised in a wavy wig and mustache, Jack appears on Groucho's show claiming to be musician Ronald (and sometimes Rodney) Forsythe. In an effort to say the "secret word" (something found in the home) Jack ignores Groucho's questions to name everything he can think of in his house. Thanks to a smart partner, Benny and his teammate are only one question away the jackpot. The question, however, makes "Ronald" squirm: Just how old is that lying bum Jack Benny?moreless
  • Gary Crosby Show
    Gary Crosby Show
    Episode 13
    At a rehearsal of Jack's monologue, he discusses how good his blue eyes looked last week in color and whines about losing the Emmy to George Gobel. Jack goes to Bing Crosby's mansion to see if he's going to be on his show, even though Benny won't pay his $10,000 fee. Bing's son Gary Crosby is at home and he performs "I've Got the World on a String." Jack is impressed and wants him for the show, especially since he'll work for 150 bucks. Papa Bing calls the house, hears about Benny's scheme, and puts a quick end to it. Desperate, Jack grabs their butler and takes him to the studio.moreless
  • Jack Takes Beavers To The Fair
    In this color episode, Jack loans each of the Beverly Hills Beavers fifty cents when he takes them to the fair. Things start badly when Jack has to be shot down after holding too many balloons. He also gets knocked out on the merry-go-round. He impresses everyone when he swings the mallet and knocks the bell off the top of the meter; it didn't hurt that one of the Beaver sticks him in the butt with a pin. Mr. Kitzel, who's manning the hot dog concession, tells Jack he's a utility player who fills in wherever needed at the fair. They run into him later dressed in a gorilla suit, and introducing the Sportsmen who masquerade as trapeze act the Five flying Finnegans. Jack steps into a cage with a lion, thinking the lion is Mr. Kitzel in another costume. It isn't. On the way out, they pass a hula girl show. The boys want to go in and watch, but Jack says no--until he learns the dancing girl is Mr. Kitzel.moreless
  • Jack's Lunch Counter
    In his monologue Jack discusses guitarist Frank Remley's drunken birthday party. Dennis interrupts, upset that George Raft got the star dressing room. After a loud crash, Dennis mother walks out to say the dressing room is now his; she just threw Raft out of it. Dennis sings "Young and Foolish". In the "dramatic" sketch ("Death Across the Lunch Counter," or "Dial 'M' For Mustard") Jack plays Charleston T. Gundlefinger, a diner owner. He's nervous because murderers are on the loose in the area. Three suspicious men come in at closing and two of them (Raft and Day) start to intimidate Jack. They also dance when the jukebox plays "Papa Loves Mambo." Benny shoots Raft, who does a hammy death scene, and Day. The third man isn't a thug; he's the interior decorator Charleston had hired.moreless
  • Four O'Clock In The Morning Show
    Jack is awakened by a 4 AM phone call from Hank, the all-night DJ, asking an inane trivia question. Unable to sleep, he goes for a walk and drops by Don Wilson's house, where the Sportsmen Quartet sing "When the Red Red Robin." Sleepy by the afternoon, Mary drags Jack off to a to buy a new suit at a clothing store managed by Frank Nelson. Benny falls asleep on his feet and is mistaken by store employees for a mannequin. When he wakes up, he's been redressed and is standing in the window display holding a fishing pole. Jack goes for Nelson's throat when he learns he advertises on Hank's all-night radio show.moreless
  • Jack And Gisele Mackenzie's Violin Duet
    Jack chats with Gisele MacKenzie who sings "Mr. Sandman." Jack rushes backstage to his dressing room to find his missing violin; Rochester has hidden it in the air vent. Benny's attempt to tell a joke is interrupted by Don Wilson who's leading a CBS tour across the stage. One man mistakes Benny for Ann Sothern. After showing she can play the violin, Gisele is challenged to do a duet with Jack. The two perform "Getting to Know You" and a reprise of "Mr. Sandman."moreless
  • Bedroom Burglar
    Bedroom Burglar
    Episode 8
    Jack comes home for dinner after a long rehearsal. Polly the parrot, who Rochester had sucked into the vacuum cleaner earlier, squeals on the butler for having eaten one of Jack's bananas. Don drops by with the Sportsmen to audition their commercial for the next show. After quieting a drippy bathroom faucet, Rochester rocks Jack to sleep in his combination bed/cradle. Once he's snoozing, two burglars come in through Jack's bedroom window to rob him. They aren't expecting the room to be booby-trapped. After being squirted with seltzer and punched in the face, they're ready to leave, but it costs them money to open the coin-operated window.moreless
  • San Diego Naval Training Center Show
    Jack and the gang put on a stage show telecast live from the Naval Training Center in San Diego, California. Jack does a monologue peppered with military jokes, and he and Don discuss having both been in the Navy. An officer comes out to take Jack's dinner order (beans), and a wave in an evening gown walks across several times to "recruit" future sailors. Sy (Mel Blanc), the Mexican guitarist, comes out to accompany the Sportsmen but breaks a string. Jack, with violin, introduces several band members who join him on stage for a number that features the vocals of Rochester.moreless
  • Shopping Show
    Shopping Show
    Episode 6
    Thanks to winning a crooked card game, Rochester spends the day playing golf while Jack suffers at home doing the housework. After sticking Don with the chores, Jack goes to the supermarket to do holiday grocery shopping. Naturally, helpless Jack encounters nothing but trouble. A surly fruit vendor takes a bite out of one of his apples, the racetrack tout tells him to buy rabbit, Mr. Kitzel is working the butcher counter, and surly Frank Nelson is an insulting clerk. After having had enough of Jack's inability to find anything, Nelson throws him into a shopping cart and pushes him around the store.moreless
  • The Life of Jack Benny
    Rochester is typing up the script for next week's show: Jack Benny's life story. The Sportsmen Quartet sing "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby." Jack begins auditioning actors for the various parts in his saga. He hires a gorgeous young woman to play his first love, and his real first girlfriend to be his mother. He passes on the first young man who's auditioning to play himself as a child, instead casting the pushy little boy who is acting as the kid's agent.moreless
  • The Giant Mutiny
    The Giant Mutiny
    Episode 4
    Benny stages a baseball version of The Caine Mutiny. It begins in the Giants' dugout during the fourth game of the World Series. Benny, as Alvin Dark, captain of the New York Giants, stands up to the tyrannical Leo Durocher and is court-martialed for his insolence. In the courtroom, the judges hearing the case are managers Fred Hanley and Chuck Dressen, umpire John "Beans" Reardon, and pitcher Bob Lemon. As the Captain Queeg character, Durocher nervously rubs together two baseballs.moreless
  • How Jack Found Mary
    A writer visits Jack at home and hears the story of how Jack found Mary Livingstone in the fall of 1932. In the flashback, a brash, young Jack goes into the May Company department store to buy a shirt when hosiery counter clerk Mary catches his eye. He flirts shamelessly with Mary while she and her co-worker, Sally, give him a hard time. Finally, she agrees to meet Jack that evening for dinner and the rest is history. While Jack is posing for photos with the writer, Don and the Sportsmen Quartet drop by. Rochester joins them for a song and dance number.moreless
  • Jam Session At Jack's
    In Jack's monologue, he reads critics' reviews of his first show of the season; he skips those who hated him. Don balks at Jack's idea for the commercial but does it anyway: singing while skipping rope. Jack hurries home for the weekly jam session at his house. His pals filter in: Tony Martin (clarinet), Fred MacMurray (saxophone), Dick Powell (trumpet), Dan Dailey (drums), and Kirk Douglas (banjo). They avail themselves of the coin-operated vending machines hidden throughout Jack's living room. The group plays a ragged version of "Basin Street" while Kirk keeps breaking into "Bye Bye Blues", the only song he knows. In the epilogue, Jack has the audience applaud for its favorite musician. The winner gets $5 of Jack's own cash. Jack keeps his five.moreless
  • Entire Cast Show
    Entire Cast Show
    Episode 1
    Jack falls asleep during his monologue, forcing Don to come out and explain why. Jack has been nervous all day about this first show of the new season. Arriving at the studio, he learns his suit has a stain, and the curtain was ripped by a light that tell and destroyed a camera. Plus, the phone operator keeps singing "Three Coins in the Fountain" whenever he tries to make a call. With Jack in a full-tilt tizzy, Don calls in doctor Frank Nelson to calm Jack down. After telling Jack how lousy he was last season, Dr. Frank gives him an injection that will make him sleep--for ten hours.moreless
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