The Jack Benny Program - Season 6

CBS (ended 1965)




Episode Guide

  • Jack Tries To Get a Passport
    Frustrations set Jack's blood boiling as he plans his European vacation. At the passport office, he encounters endless red-tape as he's shuffled from window to window. He has his photo taken by photographer Mel Blanc who hands every man the same photo of Rock Hudson, and smart-mouthed bureaucrat Frank Nelson who's not wearing any pants. Everyone gives Benny a dirty look when he repeatedly claims his age as 39.moreless
  • Gisele Mackenzie Show
    Jack reads a public service announcement on behalf of the IRS, and jokes about the band member's deductions. Gisele MacKenzie joins Jack to chat and sings "Poor People of Paris." Meanwhile backstage, Jack's press agent proves a pest. Don and Lois Wilson beg Jack to give their son one more chance at doing the Luckies commercial. Lois said Harlow fouled up last time because Don yelled at him. Harlow does another lousy job, causing his mother to lose her temper and bust Jack's violin over his head. Gisele and Jack reprise their a violin duet from the year before, "Getting to Know You."moreless
  • Jack Opens Beverly Hills Office
    Jack opens a swanky business office in Beverly Hills, but does it on the cheap. To cut expenses, he shares the suite with an interior decorator and hires a surly drug store waitress as receptionist. Dore Shary, the head of MGM, comes by to talk with Jack about a film role, but Benny's less than thrilled about the part and the money. The decorator takes a look at Jack's office and trashes the place, leading to an offer for him from Schary.moreless
  • Jack Drives To Palm Springs
    Jack, Rochester and Polly the parrot are driving to Palm Springs in Benny's prehistoric Maxwell, planning to meet Mary and Don there. Stopping at a gas station, attendant Mel Blanc ridicules their ancient vehicle.
    Upon arrival, Jack is so eager for a dip in the pool that he leaps from the diving board without noticing that it's drained for cleaning. Jack is stuck bed with injuries for the duration of his vacation. The hotel's doctor, Frank Nelson, tells Mary to keep Jack's blood pressure up by showing him the bill every hour. The rest of Benny's trip is made more miserable by snide comments from Mary, Rochester, and Don.moreless
  • Rochester Sleeps Through Jack's Show
    Rochester sits down to watch Jack's show, but falls asleep. Jack expects Rochester, his toughest critic, to give him an honest evaluation of the program, but Rochester gives him nothing but evasive answers. Discovering that he slept through the show, an angry Jack sends him to his room without supper. Reconsidering, Benny goes to apologize and finds Rochester packing his clothes, not knowing that he's simply getting ready for a camping trip. Horrified that Rochester is leaving him, Jack offers him more days off--even Labor Day--and makes him a steak dinner. Rochester milks the situation for all it's worth.
    Mary Livingstone and Rob Crosby sing "How About You."moreless
  • William Holden/Frances Bergen Show
    Jack introduces Dennis Day who aggravates him with stories of his dead uncle before singing. Benny introduces William Holden, director Mervyn LeRoy, and Frances Bergen in the audience. He invites Frances on stage and she discusses a film offer she's had. Jack wonders why he never gets drama roles; she tells him it's because he has zero sex appeal. To prove otherwise, he improvises a lame seductive love scene with her. It's so bad that William Holden comes onstage to show Jack how it's done. After a kiss from Holden, Bergen swoons and goes limp. Don presents his dufus son Harlow to do the the Lucky Strike commercial, and the young man botches it thoroughly.moreless
  • How Jack Met Rochester
    Jack tells his guest Sarah Churchill how he first met Rochester. In a flashback, Jack is making his big move from New York to Hollywood as cheaply as possible. Rochester is the porter on the train Jack is taking westward. Benny is smuggling Don (for whom he bought a children's ticket) and Dennis (no ticket) in his upper berth. Rochester discovers his scheme but promises to keep it quiet. Unfortunately, the conductor finds out and fires Rochester on the spot. Feeling badly for having gotten Rochester canned, Jack offers him a job as his butler/nursemaid.moreless
  • Don Invites Gang To Dinner
    A livid Benny blames his nasty cold on Don Wilson and wants to fire him. Don had invited Jack, Mary, Bob, and Dennis over for dinner after rehearsal, but ignored Jack's repeated advice to phone ahead and notify his wife. Once at the Wilson house, Don reconsiders and asks the gang to wait outside while he tells her some people might drop by. Jack is the last one left waiting outside when it begins to rain. Then, a robber comes at him with a gun and demands "Your money or your life!" After going over Don's contract with a lawyer, Jack decides to keep Don; Benny feels guilty over how little he's paying him. Dennis Day sings "Almost Like Being in Love."moreless
  • New Year's Day Show
    Jack reads phony telegrams wishing him a Happy New Year, then chats with the coaches from tomorrow's Rose Bowl game, Red Sanders of UCLA and Duffy Daugherty of Michigan State.
    The Sportsmen Quartet sing a football fight song with a verse about Lucky cigarettes.
    For the last 12 years on radio, the Benny show has done a sentimental, patriotic piece about the New Year year called The New Tenent; they restage it for the camera as a radio performance. Sitting with the cast is a grumpy man Jack doesn't recognize from rehearsal; he's part of the audience but couldn't find a seat. In the radio sketch, Benny plays the Old Timer, 1955, turning 1956 over to a new young kid.moreless
  • Frances and Edgar Bergen
    The Sportsmen sing a tune composed by a couple of Benny's staffers, "That's How Santa Claus Will Look This Year." Don has spent $1000 on the supposedly great Enrico Scortichinni to perform with them. Jack is upset when Enrico's only contribution is an occasional "Ho, ho, ho."
    Jack goes to Edgar Bergen's home to discuss his appearance on the show. While waiting for Edgar to arrive, wife Frances sings a number. Jack's goes into shock when he learns the incredible truth about Bergen's dummies: they're alive! Charlie McCarthy walks into the room, followed soon by Mortimer Snerd, and Jack can only stare slack-jawed. Edgar Bergen doesn't arrive until afterward and has Jack sit on his knee to discuss the show.moreless
  • Jack Hunts For Uranium
    Jack hears about the big money being made from uranium found in the desert and wants his share. After renting camping equipment from surly salesman Frank Nelson, Jack takes Mary and Rochester mineral hunting. They give water to thirsty Mexican Mel Blanc, then decide to set up camp. Eavesdropping, Jack overhears a group of men with a big map say they were digging at that exact spot in the morning. Believing they're talking about uranium, Jack gets up early and commences digging before they arrive. He's dug a hole six feet deep before he learns they're just repairing a gas pipeline.moreless
  • Jack Gives Johnny Carson Advice
    Jack and Johnny Carson exchange compliments with each other. Johnny says that Jack is his idol, but he has some constructive criticism. He tells Jack his delivery is too slow and accuses him of stealing all of his mannerisms. Jack is insulted! As Johnny begins a monologue, Don interrupts and does a Lucky Strike commercial. In the sketch, a frightened Jack runs home and turns off the lights, telling Rochester he's being followed by a man in a trench coat. A couple of rocks come through the window with notes attached telling him to leave town. The police capture the stalker; it's Dennis Day, angry because he wasn't on the show this week. In the epilogue, Dennis sings "Love and Marriage" with a new verse called "Jack and Money". Jack has one line in the song, forgets it, and starts laughing.moreless
  • Isaac Stern Boosts Jack's Morale
    Jack's latest violin lesson ends badly when Professor LeBlanc attacks him, slits his own wrists and jumps out of the window. Finally realizing he'll never be a good violinist, Jack goes into a funk. To boost his confidence, Rochester pretends to record Benny playing a tune so he can hear how he sounds to listeners. Instead of playback, Isaac Stern, who's hidden in the closet, plays the same song. Delighted with how wonderful he sounds, Jack races to a recording studio to cut a record. The equipment begins smoking and Jack blames the lousy engineer. Benny discovers what Rochester has been doing and thanks him for the effort. For an encore, Stern is joined onstage by pianist Alexander Zakin for Polonaise No. 1 in D Major by Wieniawski.moreless
  • Peggy King and Art Linkletter
    The monologue is interrupted by Don Wilson to show Jack that he's on the cover of the new "Look" magazine and to launch into a pitch for Lucky Strike. Jack's heckled by audience member Frank Fink (spelled "Franque Finque") who wants to win a refrigerator.
    Jack introduces Peggy King who insults Jack by saying George Gobel is funnier. She performs "When Love Walks Out, Brother."
    Art Linkletter hosts a segment from his daytime show House Party where he interviews children. After the first group of real kids, he brings out more kids: Wilson, King, Benny (with golden locks), and Rochester. The sketch ends when Franque Finque takes the stage demanding his refrigerator.moreless
  • Message and Date With Gertrude
    After a show, Jack awaits a relaxing massage, but masseuse Frank Nelson gives him nothing but aggravation. Jack throws him out after discovering he's being rubbed down with chicken fat from a butcher shop. Jack takes his date Gertrude to a dumpy French restaurant that's crowded with sewer workers from Paris. The Sportsmen Quartet perform a number as the restaurant's entertainment. Jack and Gertrude are seated at a tiny table where they're accosted by a pair of violent Apache dancers. Benny literally get pulled into their act by the female who tosses him across the room. The owner, Michel, crams another guest at their table; the Frenchman tells Jack he smells like chicken fat.moreless
  • Jack Goes To Dennis' House

    Jack introduces Dennis Day, who proceeds to irritate him before singing "Yellow Rose of Texas." Jack flashes back to yesterday; he's relaxed about starting another television season until everybody begins badgering him with suggestions. Don Wilson's wife demands Jack stop making fat jokes at her husband's expense. More headaches await when Jack drops by Dennis Day's home do discuss his song for the show. The young man's mother believes Benny isn't giving her golden boy the treatment and exposure he deserves.