The Jack Benny Program - Season 8

CBS (ended 1965)




Episode Guide

  • Hillbilly Act
    Hillbilly Act
    Episode 16
    Jack chews out his writers because they have no script yet for the next show. Telling his agent he's been working too hard, Jack says he's skipping rehearsals and leaves to play golf. The agent tells Benny's secretary the ridiculous story of how he discovered Jack, then a fiddle-playin' hick, performing in backwoods Arkansas. In the flashback, "Zeke" Benny and his shabby band, the Ozark Hillbillies, perform "You Are My Sunshine," "Fascinatin' Rhythm," and "Puttin' on the Ritz."moreless
  • Ronnie Burns Show
    Ronnie Burns Show
    Episode 15
    In the monologue, Jack tells the audience that Rochester bought him a live Easter rabbit, and he's planning on eating it. He also describes the Hollywood Easter Parade. He chats with guest Ronnie Burns, son of George Burns, and discovers that he and George each claim to have given the other their first break in show biz. Ronnie sings his (flop) single "Kinda Cute."
    Angry that Jack gave the featured spot to George's son instead of his son, Harlow, Don sulks through the Lucky commercial and storms off.
    Rochester calls to say Jack's new suit was delivered by the store owner, who was wearing it; for what Jack paid, he couldn't afford a box. Jack goes to Don's house to demand an apology for his tantrum. Benny says he'll help but needs to see his talent first. Harlow and Don duet on "Sonny Boy."moreless
  • Railroad Station Show
    Jack, Don and Rochester are heading to New York by train to meet with the show's sponsor. They can't go until Chuck the plumber finishes working on Jack's pipes, but Chuck keeps getting calls from his girlfriend making elopement plans. At Union Station, Jack runs into Mr. Kitzel who's heading to Chicago. Jack becomes irritated by the public address announcer and the clueless Information Desk clerk. Learning that there's already someone in his compartment, he goes to the ticket window and encounters surly Frank Nelson, who's given the compartment to his chubby daughter. Then Nelson hands Jack a live turkey he just won in the train station raffle. On the train, Nelson's daughter and boyfriend Chuck are married with Jack playing the violin and the turkey gobbling.moreless
  • Academy Awards
    Academy Awards
    Episode 13
    Jack is bent out of shape because he hasn't been asked to be an emcee at the upcoming Academy Awards. He badgers George Seaton, the president of the Motion Picture Academy. Then he visits Jerry Wald, the producer of the telecast, and pesters him. To get rid of Benny, Wald says that if one of the five emcees cancels, Jack will be the first one he calls. One of the hosts of the ceremony is Jimmy Stewart, so Jack pays his "friend" a visit. Stewart's shooting on a movie set and Jack destroys numerous takes. Finally, the big ham takes over Jimmy's role and shows him how it's supposed to be done.moreless
  • Violin Competition With Gisele MacKenzie
    Jack explains that TV shows need exciting openings; that's why this one began with a guest getting his head chopped off. Gisele MacKenzie chats with Jack and sings a song. Benny's attempt to tell a joke is interrupted by an audience member (Mel Blanc) upset about Jack's smog jokes; the complainer proceeds to choke and cough from the L.A. air. Don and Harlow perform a weird song and dance about Siam. For the finale, Jack invites the band members (and their parole officer) on stage to back him and Gisele on their duet, "Sweet Georgia Brown." Jack's attempt at a solo on "Tea For Two" causes Blanc to return, confiscate the violin, and lead the band offstage.moreless
  • Jack At The Races
    Jack At The Races
    Episode 11
    Mary comes over to go with Jack to the racetrack. Dennis shows up to tag along and inform Jack that he's suing him for calling him stupid. Dennis sings "If I Loved You."
    Jack and Mary try to grab lunch at the racetrack restaurant, but Jack irritates the waiter with his demands. Racetrack tout Sheldon Leonard tells Jack which table to eat at. Dennis explains his insane system for betting, but Jack intends to bet his big $5 on Speedy Girl. Benny runs into his sponsor, Mr. Lewis, and convinces him to bet on Speedy Girl as well. In the meantime, Jack changes his bet to Mr. Lewis' original horse. Lewis loses $100; Jack proves such an insufferable winner that Mary knocks him out with one quick punch.moreless
  • Honeymooners Show
    Honeymooners Show
    Episode 10
    Jack introduces Dennis Day, who's pouting because he hasn't been on the show in five months. After claiming his loyalty, and insulting Jack in the process, he sings "The Twelfth of Never." In the sketch, Jack plays Ralph Kramden in a parody of The Honeymooners, with guest Audrey Meadows as Alice and Dennis as Ed Norton. Ralph accuses Alice of stealing his bowling ball money to buy dresses while bellowing, waving his arms, and pacing a la Gleason. Fuming, he says he'll get his own dinner. He and Norton eat what they think is tuna salad; Alice doesn't tell them it's cat food. When the bowling ball she bought for him arrives, Ralph has to tell her, "Baby, you're the greatest!" In the epilogue, Audrey compares the hotel Jack put her in to the Kramden's rundown apartment.moreless
  • Jack Takes a Beaver To The Dentist
    Rochester does his impression of Louis Armstrong and sings "I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby." The den mother of the Beverly Hills Beavers, Mrs. Miller, asks Jack to take her two sons to the dentist. When one of the boys start to complain about having to have a tooth pulled, Jack gives a stern lecture on the importance of dental health. To show how painless going to the dentist is, Benny hops in the chair and has the doctor examine his teeth. When the doctor finds big problems in his mouth, Jack sings a whole different tune.moreless
  • Jack Goes To The Rose Bowl
    Jack's ex-girlfriend Zelda explains why she stopped dating the cheapskate. In a flashback, Jack is wrapping up a New Year's Eve party at his house. The guests include Don Wilson in a diaper as Baby New Year. Benny gets the idea for he and Zelda to go to the stadium and get tickets for the Rose Bowl game. They stand in line all night and get the last two available. Zelda heads inside while Jack looks for coffee. When a man offers him ten bucks for his $5.50 ticket, he sells it. Benny asks the man to tell Zelda that he'd stole the ticket from Jack. The Sportsmen Quartet sing the commercial on a Rose Parade float.moreless
  • Christmas Show
    Christmas Show
    Episode 7
    This is the TV debut of Jack's traditional Christmas shopping radio show. Jack and Rochester go looking for gifts at a department store. Jack harasses clerk Mel Blanc, repeatedly have him re-wrap the wallet he bought for Don because he wants to change the card inside. After changing it one too many times, Blanc, now a wreck, loads a pistol and shoots himself. Jack has several arguments with surly floorwalker Frank Nelson, especially after smashing a new "unvreakable" watch with a hammer. He buys lingerie from a clerk too unnerved by nighties to touch them with his bare hands.moreless
  • Jack's Life Story
    Jack's Life Story
    Episode 6
    20th Century Fox wants to film Jack's life story and this news swells Benny's head more than usual. When Jack goes to the studio, he runs into the director of his flop The Horn Blows at Midnight; the man's now a parking lot attendant. Benny meets with Buddy Adler, head of production, ready to produce, direct and star in his epic story. Adler has something very different in mind that doesn't involve Jack. Benny hits the ceiling when he hears he won't even be starring; Van Johnson will. However, they do have a part for Jack: playing his own father.moreless
  • John Forsythe Show
    John Forsythe Show
    Episode 5
    Jack's monologue is interrupted by Jon Provost and Lassie wandering onto the stage. Benny introduces John Forsythe in the audience.
    The Lucky Strike commercial is conducted by Don as a man-on-the-street interview. Mel Blanc's passerby thinks he's on This IsYour Life.
    Mary Costa sings "One Fine Day" from Madame Butterfly. Jack has forgotten he has an important business obligation and can't take Mary out as promised. John Forsythe comes to the rescue and takes to an exotic restaurant where they discover Jack working--as a gypsy violinist. In the epilogue, Benny plugs a new album by his orchestra: Music For Playboys to Play By.moreless
  • Ginger Rogers Show
    Ginger Rogers Show
    Episode 4
    Jack wants to do a musical on the show with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire as guests. When he goes to invite Ginger, she's busy getting ready for a party she's giving--but she doesn't want Jack to know and invite himself. When showtime arrives, Astaire is a "no show" so Jack tells the reluctant Ginger that he can fill in. The dance team of Rogers and Benny make their debut, and Ginger's fears turn out to have been justified.moreless
  • Hal March Show
    Hal March Show
    Episode 3
    The President and Secretary of the Jack Benny Fan Club, Pasadena Chapter, interrupt Jack's monologue to get better seats. The club President pulls Benny's hair to prove to the other member's it's real. Don Wilson and his dopey son Harlow do a soft shoe to "Me and My Shadow" for the Lucky commercial. The host of The $64,000 Question, Hal March, comes on to answer questions, in payback for Jack's recent appearance on his show. Since Jack is personally putting up the money, he asks Hal impossible questions and places him in a spinnng isolation booth that makes him queasy.moreless
  • The Airport
    The Airport
    Episode 2
    Jack's trying to catch a flight to New York to appear on $64,000 Question, but first has to survive the usual troublemakers at the airport. He's irritated by the loopy P.A. announcer, racetrack tout Sheldon Leonard with advice on chewing gum, Mel "Si/Si/Sue" Blanc, and clerk Frank Nelson who wants to sell Jack a one-way ticket out of town.moreless
  • First Show of the Season
    The eighth season opens with audience members in line discussing how tickets to the show were forced on them. Following Jack's monologue, Dennis Day sings "Around the World in 80 Days." Don starts performing his Lucky Strike commercial as a calypso number and Jack stops him, saying he doesn't want a middle commercial this week. Instead, Benny brings out Mel Blanc as a novelty musician from Vienna; he plays bottles filled with alcohol and as he tunes them, he gets progressively soused. Don's wife forces Jack to call the sponsor and explain that cutting the commercial was not Don's idea. The sponsor is not pleasedmoreless