The Jack Benny Program - Season 9

CBS (ended 1965)




Episode Guide

  • Gary Cooper Show
    Gary Cooper Show
    Episode 1
    In the season premiere, guest star Gary Cooper sings "Bird Dog" with the Sportsmen Quartet.
    Jack visits Cooper at a rehearsal of his next film, a western, to audition for the part of Gary's twin brother. Decked out in a ridiculous cowboy outfit and six-inch elevator shoes, Jack (aka Tex Morgan) swaggers in, sure he'll win the part. Benny changes his mind once he sees the scene he'd be in: a rowdy barroom brawl where his character gets beaten up.
    In the epilogue, Benny introduces Cooper's wife and daughter in the studio audience.moreless
  • Phil Harris Show
    Phil Harris Show
    Episode 2
    Jack discusses the World Series and read some reviews of his season premiere program. Benny is reunited with his old radio band leader, "hep cat" Phil Harris, who leads the band while singing "That's What I Like About the South." Benny interrupts the song, demanding that Harris make sense of the goofy lyrics. Since Jack has ordered Phil not to sing the foolish tune, he sings "Poker Club" instead.moreless
  • The Millionaire
    The Millionaire
    Episode 3
    Marvin Miller, who plays courier Michael Anthony on the series The Millionaire, appears at Dennis Day's door and presents him a check for million dollars.
    After his monologue, Jack introduces Dennis, but rock 'n roll duo Jan and Arnie come out and sing. Going to Dennis' house, Jack finds Day in a polo outfit, his mother expensively dressed, and Rochester working as their new butler. Michael Anthony returns and retrieves the check after discovering Dennis Day is just a stage name.
    Jan and Arnie perform their single "The Beat That Can't Be Beat."moreless
  • Stars' Wives Show
    Stars' Wives Show
    Episode 4
    Jack hires a painter, Mel Blanc, who likes to work to music. When Benny learns Blanc is paid 50 cents an hour, Jack puts on the fast side of an album. The Committee for the Improvement of Beverly Hills is meeting with the mayor. The group is made up of the wives of several big stars: Muriel (Ray) Milland , Delores (Bob) Hope, Jeanne (Dean) Martin, and Hjordis (David) Niven. Their want to get rid of Jack's mobile eyesore, his Maxwell, and decide to hold a raffle. Bob Hope and David Niven appear in a cameo at the end of the show.moreless
  • Bachelor TV Lives
    Bachelor TV Lives
    Episode 5
    Jack is driving to New Orleans for a benefit concert and George Burns wants to ride along and perform. He proceeds to demonstrate his singing talents while Jack and Rochester pack. Benny's newspaper ad asking for riders gets a response from a pair of robbers who want to be picked up in front of a bank, and a bickering couple who fight over the front seat. Frank Nelson is the rude mechanic who brings Jack's car back from the garage. The Benny home erupts into chaos when another twenty people show up wanting to ride. All the while, Burns is still singing. In the epilogue, Jack parades the huge cast across the stage to the theme from Bridge Over the River Kwai.moreless
  • Jack Goes To The Doctor
    Jack is so agitated and irritable that guest Oscar Levant suggests he see his psychiatrist. While waiting for the doctor to finish with a patient, Oscar pinpoints the source of Jack's torment: Frank Nelson. Everywhere Jack goes, there Nelson is to give him grief. Before Benny hides under the carpet, he has visions of Nelson as a gas station attendant, a hot dog vendor, and a black hooded demon. Strangely, the psychiatrist's patient has the same problem--except it's Jack Benny who's tormenting him.moreless
  • Jack And Gisele Mackenzie
    In his monologue, Jack talks about what Christmas gifts to give members of his cast. He and Gisele discuss her recent trip to Europe and she sings the Italian song "Non Dimenticar."
    With Jack backstage, Don introduces his son Harlow to Gisele. She allows him do the commercial, which he constantly interrupts to make passes at her.
    Dennis Day plugs his new holiday album Christmas Is For the Family. Jack and Gisele do another violin duet, "Czardis." Gisele prepares to play a piano, when a "surprise guest" pops out of the instrument: Red Skelton.moreless
  • Christmas Gift Exchange
    High-strung department store clerk Herman (Mel Blanc) is trying to finish his inventory first to win tickets to the Rose Bowl. He's almost finished when in walks Jack, the man who drives him to insanity every holiday season. Jack, with his secretary Barbara, has come to return a sweater he didn't need. As usual, Jack is indecisive, repeatedly changing his mind about wanting a store credit or a check. Benny finishes Herman's inventory after having turned the poor man into a whimpering heap. Herman's in no shape for a football game, so Jack takes his tickets and leaves.moreless
  • Autolight
    Episode 9
    Jack is sweeping the set; he explains that anything he saves he can keep. He has Mary running the spotlight and Bob Crosby building sets. During his monologue on his movie career, a girl cartwheels across the stage; Jack says he promised the girl's father he'd get her TV work. She turns up again during the later sketch. Bob Crosby sings "I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine." The long anticipated parody on Gaslight (called Autolight) premieres. Jack is the hateful husband who tries to drive his wife, Barbara Stanwyck, insane with shenanigans like turning pictures upside down and telling her that she did it.moreless
  • Ernie Kovacs Show
    Ernie Kovacs Show
    Episode 10
    In his monologue, Jack makes jokes about finally being able to show the Gaslight sketch on his show. Ernie shows Jack his mustache collection, and has Jack tries some of them on. They all look ridiculous. Don, dressed as a Beatnik, does the Lucky commercial as a musical production set in a coffeehouse. The sketch is set in a cushy Knob Hill prison in 1970, where criminals Killer Kovacs and Benny the Louse play golf and have the warden shine their clubs. Ernie is about to be released but doesn't want to leave behind the gourmet room service, hi fi, and cha cha lessons. The guards have to physically throw him out.moreless
  • Jack Goes To a Nightclub
    Jack is nervous because it's contract renewal time and the sponsor walks out of his show. He believes it's because of the cut-rate talent he's hired: a hillbilly who barely plays the violin. To schmooze the sponsor rep, Jack takes him out to dinner at a nightclub. Determined not to be outshone, Benny picks a place where the talent is no stronger than a puppet show. Instead, he ends up at a club where Danny Thomas is performing. While Danny's nightclub act goes over big with the sponsor, Jack squirms and frets.moreless
  • Airport Sketch
    Airport Sketch
    Episode 12
    Dennis Day takes over the show while Jack tries to get to the studio. Benny is held up at the airport because he flew back from a Florida nightclub date on shabby, cut-rate I. O. U. Airlines. Filling airtime on the show, Dennis discusses the fringe benefits of working for Benny, sings "Let There Be Love", and joins Don Wilson for a dance routine. Back at the airport, Jack and Rochester try to find their lost luggage in the airline's ramshackle hangar. Naturally, Jack has disagreements with various clerks and the flight's loopy pilot. At the end of the program, the pilot files across stage on a camera boom.moreless
  • Panel Discussion Show
    Rochester is washing individual pieces of the Maxwell in the house; it fell apart in the driveway when he turned the hose on it. Jack believes he'll look smart by participating in a serious television discussion program. Matching wits with fellow panelists Vincent Price, June Levant (wife of Oscar Levant), and Pamela Mason proves harder than Jack expected, giving him plenty of opportunities to fumble, roll his eyes, and make excuses. When the topic finally turns to finances, they can't shut Jack up.moreless
  • Edgar Bergen Show
    Edgar Bergen Show
    Episode 14
    Don opens by giving Jack a ridiculously pompous introduction. This leads to an argument because it made Jack sound ancient. Jack goes to Edgar Bergen's home to discuss his appearance on Benny's show. While waiting for Edgar to arrive, wife Frances sings "Them There Eyes." Jack's goes into shock when he learns the incredible truth about Bergen's dummies: they're alive. Charlie McCarthy walks into the room, followed soon by Mortimer Snerd, and Jack can only stare slack-jawed. Edgar Bergen doesn't arrive until afterward and has Jack sit on his knee to discuss the show.moreless
  • Ed Sullivan/Genevieve Show
    Jack discusses being back in New York in his monologue. Genevieve sings a French song about Paris.
    The sketch is a courtroom drama with Jack playing the prosecutor and Ed as defense attorney Gentleman Jim Sullivan. Ed represents a beautiful French girl, Genevieve, accused of murdering her husband. Sullivan reverts back to his usual self and picks out celebrities in the courtroom to stand for applause. Don Wilson is the courtroom commentator.moreless