The Jack Paar Program

Season 2 Episode 14

January 3, 1964

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 03, 1964 on NBC

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  • Can I watch this? Please?

    Is this episode of Jack Paar really available to watch? I can't find a link or anyway to see it. What's even more astounding is is looks as if no one else has seen it on here either. No reviews, or comments, etc.

    I searched for this show and found your site. I didn't know there might possibly be a copy of it around. I was just looking for information. I happened to have see this episode and had just learned about the Beatles & was consumed in Beatlemania. None of my friends, or even anyone I've ever asked saw this show. Almost every fan I know didn't really see them until they arrived in New York a few weeks later and were on Ed Sullivan. He always gets all the credit for the first American TV show to air anything about the Beatles. This is true television history, man! Please tell me how or IF I can view this! ! ! Thank you.

    Jude12 . the low rating is because I can't view it. I'll be glad to change that to the highest possible when I can.