The Jack Paar Show

Season 4 Episode 118

April 13, 1961

Aired Weekdays 11:30 PM Apr 13, 1961 on NBC



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    • The Jack Paar Show aired a repeat on April 14, 1961 from January 18, 1961. "Best of Paar" with Jack Douglas, Reiko, Ivy Baker Priest, Pat Harrington Jr. and Betty Johnson.

    • News item: Benny the Peacemaker wangles Paar apology.
      Jack Benny succeeded in wangling an apology from Jack Paar to Ed Sullivan, who clashed recently over fees paid performers on their respective television shows.
      The apology came about like this:
      Benny, a guest on the Paar Show, was about to abuse his violin when he suddenly said to Paar:
      "I'll play, if you let me say something to you, and promise that you won't get angry." Getting the promise, Benny asked, "May I bring up the Ed Sullivan thing?" "You did", quipped Paar.
      Benny then went on to say that Sullivan was one of his closest friends and asked why Paar and Sullivan should have a dispute, with all the trouble there is in the world today.
      "I mean," said Benny, "if you're going to be mad at someone, be mad at Eichmann or somebody". Benny suggested that Paar's trouble is that he's "so emotional" and doesn't mean what he's saying.
      "I know you called him all those names, but you did not mean one of them." Benny said to Paar.
      Sullivan doesn't call Paar any names Benny added, "Because he at least has some sense."
      Benny's manner was strictly friendly sort of like a father handing out advice to a son. "This", he told the audience, indicating Paar, "is the sweetest guy in the world, and goes crazy in one minute. Calls everybody everything, and then goes home and cries, and is sorry that he did."
      Benny then half-demanded and half-coaxed Paar: "Now tell everybody you're sorry. Now, say it. Say you're sorry." Paar's shouts of "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" were almost lost in the roar of the audience.

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