The Jackie Thomas Show

ABC (ended 1993)


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The Jackie Thomas Show

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One of the best of the show-within-a-show series (along with The Larry Sanders Show and Buffalo Bill) The Jackie Thomas Show is easily the most underrated series of all time. Most critics hated the show, probably because of their hatred for Tom and Roseanne Arnold. It is actually a brilliant parody of network television, the sitcom genre, and Tom and Roseanne's poke at themselves and how they are perceived.

Jackie Thomas is a stand-up comic who rocketed to fame in his own show, and gained enough power to choose his own writers and creates havoc for the network. Unfortunately, he's a terrible actor and the show isn't much better. But it's a ratings success, so Jackie is a sacred cow.

The May 1993 issue of TCI (a.k.a. Theatre Crafts International) has a brief article about the Jackie Thomas Show set and reveals that the exterior of Jackie's dressing room is actually a stage door to the Roseanne set.