The Jamie Foxx Show

Season 2 Episode 22

How Jamie Got His Groove Back

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM May 17, 1998 on The WB

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  • Kc&Jojo come through town and stay at the kings tower free due to jamie crashing in to thier limo, gives them a blowout addition wows everybody and becomes one of there group. he packs for a year tour and has to say bye to his family and his Love fancy.

    Jamie crashes into R&b singer kc & jojo's limo in return jamie gives them free room at the kings tower to avoid being sued. the singers soon have a meeting with famous rapper known as busta ryhmes fancy and her friend are star struck and ride with the two but jamie tries to persuade fancy by saying that those two probaly have a fancy in every city but fancy assures her love for jamie and he lets her go with the singers. jamie thinks about singing carreer and braxton and his uncle junior advise jamie to go audition to the two so jamie goes in costume as busta ryhmes and braxton as his maneger but soon is discovered as jamie and is almost dragged out by security fancy pleads his case on how much trouble he had to of went through and the singers give him a chance and jamie sings very touching vocals and they accept him instantly and later packs up for there upcoming tour which will be in progress for a year and says goodbye to his family and his memories but most of all his beloved fancy.