The Jamie Foxx Show - Season 4

The WB (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • Just Fancy
    Episode 1
    When Jamie introduces Fancy to hotel guest Debbe Dunning without mentioning that she's his girlfriend, Fancy thinks that something is going on between them
  • Mr. Bo-Jingles
    Episode 2
    Braxton and Fancy get promotions and Jamie feels left out that he didn't get a promotion, so he decided to quit and he got a new job as a jingle writer at Jingles 2000
  • Poker Face
    Episode 2
    When Jamie ignores Fancy in favor of a poker game with the guys, she crashes the game and shows everyone how well she can play. Meanwhile, Braxton has problems with the Y2K upgrade he installed on the hotel's computer system.
  • 10/1/99
    When Jamie's commercial jingle is rejected, he sends an irate e-mail to everyone at Jingles 2000. Meanwhile, Fancy brings a group of "Family Feud" contestants to King's Tower.
  • 10/8/99
    Inspired by their friends at a party, Jamie and Fancy try a role-reversal exercise that leads to a late-night argument about their future together. Meanwhile, Gloria tries to get a promotion to head of housekeeping.
  • The Ugly Truth
    Episode 5
    Jamie can't believe it when his position as top jingle writer is threatened by a woman who he thinks was hired just for her looks. Meanwhile, Fancy goes after a rich new client for the hotel.
  • 10/22/99
    Jamie becomes jealous when an old boyfriend invites Fancy to an exhibit at his art gallery, resulting in a confrontation over the matter of trust in their relationship.
  • Give Me Some Credit
    After his credit card is denied while clothes shopping with Fancy and her well-to-do parents, Jamie must prove to her father that he will be able to provide for her. Meanwhile, Braxton is forced to cut the hotel's budget.
  • 11/12/99
    Jamie is afraid of what Fancy will think if she finds out that he has been escorting a young female client on the firm's orders, so he lies about why he has been breaking their dates. Meanwhile, Braxton decides to take up Fancy's idea for sprucing up the rooms at the hotel.moreless
  • Joy Ride
    Episode 9
    When Jamie borrows Fancy's new BMW convertible for a beach outing, it gets towed away. Meanwhile, Braxton tries to avert a strike at the hotel.
  • Get Up, Stand Up
    Episode 10
    Fancy needs a new kitchen countertop installed in time for Nikki's bridal shower, which Fancy reluctantly agrees to host. Meanwhile, Braxton dreads attending an awards banquet in his honor because he can't find a date.
  • Super Ego
    Episode 11
    Fancy and her friends are kicked out of Jamie's NFL playoff party and leave the hotel with football's Lawrence Taylor and Charles Woodson. When Jamie catches up with the girls and their new friends at another bash, his big mouth leads to an athletic challenge.
  • Family Business
    Episode 12
    Jamie writes a jingle for a commercial promoting the King's Tower and he charges his aunt and uncle for his services, which jeopardizes his free lodging at the hotel.
  • Friendly Fire
    Episode 13
    Jamie is promoted to supervisor at Jingles 2000. His first task: fire an incompetent writer who is also one of his friends. Meanwhile, a flu epidemic hits the hotel staff.
  • Home Suite Home
    Episode 14
    Jamie joyfully moves into his own bachelor pad, but when Fancy starts decorating it for him, he begins to feel a little crowded by her constant presence.
  • Behind the Jingle
    Episode 15
    The pressures of being a supervisor affect the quality of Jamie's jingles, so he passes off one of Mouse's ideas as his own, which leads to a guilt-filled dream about his future.
  • Partners Fo' Life
    Episode 16
    To cover the medical costs of an injured friend, Jamie signs insurance forms that claim he and his friend are life partners, which leads to a misinterpreted party invitation.
  • 2/25/00
    Fancy fulfills a fantasy for Jamie by waiting on him hand and foot, and he begins to prefer his dream lover to the real thing. He expects his girlfriend to pamper him continually, which leads to an embarrassing display of attention during an important business dinner.
  • 4/7/00
    Jamie advises Braxton's financial group to invest in a doughnut franchise, but Braxton balks at the idea, causing the other members of the group to kick him out.
  • Musical Chairs
    Episode 19
    Jamie sings with Nicole at a nightclub, which rekindles his interests in a career in music -- despite Fancy's misgivings. Jamie later agrees to perform with Nicole again after they are asked back for another gig.
  • Jamie in the Middle
    Episode 20
    Jamie works on a jingle with Method Man and Redman and they both seek Jamie's help in courting Nicole, but she doesn't date rappers.
  • 5/5/00
    Jamie and Nicole risk their jobs by working on their demo tape in the Jingles 2000 studio after hours -- against company policy and they later meet the night janitor who claims he is related to Montell Jordan.
  • Roadtrip (1)
    Roadtrip (1)
    Episode 22
    Nicole kisses Jamie on the stage before they perform a gig in Las Vegas, a trip Fancy refused to join them on. Fancy then makes a surprise visit to Jamie's hotel room only to find that he is sharing it with Nicole.
  • Roadtrip (2)
    Roadtrip (2)
    Episode 23
    To win Fancy back, Jamie buys her an engagement ring, only to get an offer from Nicole to sing with her on tour in Europe.