The Jamie Foxx Show

Season 2 Episode 10

Traffic School Daze

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Nov 16, 1997 on The WB

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  • One of the funnier episodes for the show

    This has to be my favorite episodes besides the one where Jamie was singing. Mark Curry just made it funnier. When you have the stars laughing and they keep it in the edited version you know it has to be funny. I will not exceed the speed limit.(sounding like Prince). Or Braxton's sissssy.
    Cause there is only 2 things that come from Terrell Texas. Thats little sissies and big sissies. Mark starts the scene off right by saluting the flag more than necessary. But when he runs to the front of the class and almost falls, oh my God. The way he looks when he falls was funny enough, but to see Jamie in the back saying "Don't let him break you B" is all I needed. Great episode I recommend people to see it who have never seen The Jamie Foxx SHow.