The Jamie Kennedy Experiment - Season 2

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  • Episode 222
    Episode 222
    Episode 23
    This is the second season finale, a 90-minute extravaganza from Austin, Texas!

    --Jamie plays an old man who hired the Southwest Texas cheerleading squad for his equally old, former-cheerleader wife's birthday party. How will the cheerleaders react when they learn that what was supposed to have been the lady's birthday party is now her funeral? (Jamie did three variations on this skit, showing all of one and some of the other two.)

    --We're on Orange Alert Status! What does that mean? Well, in the world of JKX, it means that the marks have to go through an extreme security check at a nightclub, practically getting strip-seacrhed in the process. (For the record, the marks were male.) Jamie presented two variations on this skit in this episode.

    --Jamie finds a bunch of wild Texans who are willing to appear in "Guys Gone Nuts"--sort of a male version of "Girls Gone Wild." But what will happen when these dudes find out that the tape is being marketed to gay guys?

    --Jamie gives a tour of Austin, Texas in which the tourists/marks become the audience for a Jerry Springer-type situation, as he catches his best friend cheating on his wife, only to reveal that he's been cheating on her, too--with his best friend!

    --Jamie plays the dean of a Texas university, and a student has set up his dad to believe that he's been engaging in extortion and fraud.

    --Singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb hosts a (fake) local talent competition called "Lone Star Search," in which Jamie steals a song from another contestant (the mark) and sings it before its true composer has a chance to!moreless
  • Episode 221
    Episode 221
    Episode 22
    Synopsis coming soon.
  • Episode 220
    Episode 220
    Episode 21
    --In the pre-credits teasrer, Jamie plays valet again, and this time that old four-foot rat is in the patron's trunk!

    --Jamie introduces his parents to his audience and tells stories about what pranksters they are!

    --Jamie is a member of a Trekkie focus group, surrounded by hard core Star Trek fans. But the thing is that Jamie is just faking his Trekkie-ness! Stark Trek: Voyager's Ethan Phillips is the obligatory cast member present to get the Trekkies really excited.

    --Real-life politician Rick Dinger hires a consultant (Jamie) to help him with his problems of gambling and adultery. They invite his supporters to what they think is a campaign fundraiser, but it turns out to be an intervention! Dinger's pregnant wife Heather is along for the gag.

    --Jamie plays a flamboyantly gay-acting personal trainer who trains a tough guy, and then gets angry at said tough guy for allegedly messing with.....his wife???moreless
  • The Brad Gluckman Special (a.k.a. "Episode 223")
    This is a special episode devoted to the character of Brad Gluckman and the movie Malibu's Most Wanted, which was spun off from JKX and is centered around B-Rad. The episode features the film's cast members Ryan O'Neal, Bo Derek, Blair Underwood, Regina Hall, Damien Dante Wayans, and, of course, Jamie Kennedy.

    --Jamie gets rapper Darryl McDaniel of Run DMC to try to get Brad Gluckman a record deal with a couple of unsuspecting impresarios.

    --Jamie gets a friend of his a bit part Malibu's Most Wanted as a masseuse, and then has Blair Underwood "X" her by making her think she's broken Blair's back!

    --Jamie and the cast of Malibu's Most Wanted look at clips of the film as a sneak preview--this episode aired the night before the film opened.moreless
  • Episode 219
    Episode 219
    Episode 19
    --In the pre-credits teaser, Jamie revives his cashier role. This time, he does everything he can to make it difficult for one particular customer to buy cigarettes.

    --Jamie plays the world's worst plastic surgeon, botching a patient's boob job and then having to face the wrath of her husband--oh, don't worry. She set her husband up to be "X-ed"!

    --7th Heaven star Beverley Mitchell takes her new assistant on a shoplifting spree, only for both of them to get caugth by store guard Jamie. The experiment: Will Beverley's assistant take the blame for her?moreless
  • Episode 218
    Episode 218
    Episode 18
    --In the pre-credits teaser, Jamie plays valet once again. This time, he pretends that he lent the mark's car to a bunch of gang members who sprayed graffiti all over it!

    --Jamie portrays "Kelso, The Singing Hypnotist," putting an audience full of actors, one mark, and his in-on-the-joke wife to sleep. Actually, the mark doesn't even pretend to fall asleep--he stays awake while "Kelso" and his lovely assistant steal from the audience!

    --Jamie plays the owner of a Japanese restaurant. His Japanese staff and Japanese wife trash talk him in Japanese, but he thinks they're complimenting him because he doesn't speak Japanese! The thing is--the mark does speak Japanese!!!moreless
  • Episode 213
    Episode 213
    Episode 17
    --In the pre-credits teaser, Jamie plays valet once again. This time he runs over a pedestrian (don't worry, it's a stuntman!) while returning a patron's car.......and then he flees the scene!

    --Jamie dons the bubble suit for a second time. He hires an unsuspecting personal trainer to help him work out--and to save his ass when he runs afoul of a big, tough dude at the gym!

    --Jamie portrays the producer of Melissa Joan Hart's (phony) new talk show. She gets an innocent fan of hers to pretend to be the long-lost daughter of her first guest. What will happen when the "real" daughter shows up during the taping? (Actually, the mark recognized Jamie when he was introduced to her as Melissa's boyfriend/producer Billy. But after Melissa reassured her that "Billy" wasn't Jamie Kennedy, the mark went along with it because she didn't think Melissa Joan Hart would lie to her!)moreless
  • Episode 216
    Episode 216
    Episode 16
    This was a special hourlong Mardi Gras episode from New Orleans!

    --In the pre-credits teaser, waiter Jamie asks a dining couple if they would like some live music with their lunch. Little did they know that they were in for the loudest Dixieland band ever!

    --Jamie takes a tour group--all but 3 of whom are in on the joke--on a boat tour of a "gator-infested" swamp. How will the marks react when Jamie lets a man perish at the jaws of a (phony) alligator?

    --A fellow named Shakib sets up his wife Tracy to be "X-ed" as Jamie plays a Cajun waiter who speaks incomprehensibly.

    --Jamie plays a fortune telling machine--yes, that's right--and freaks out a mark named Amanda with his knowledge of her personal life. (Her boyfriend Ben filled Jamie in beforehand.)

    --Jamie portrays a hippie purveyor of voodoo who sells a guy named Eric a special voodoo doll. Eric takes his friend Jean to a restaurant, where they have a rude, incompetent waiter--Jamie! How will Jean react when Eric successfully works that old black magic on the waiter?

    --Meet Victor, who sets up his friend Dwayne by taking him for a ride in a Hummer he got to drive for a day. They get pulled over by a cop--Jamie--who's being filmed on a "Cops"-type show and needs publicity. The guys agree to let Jamie plant illegal firearms in the Hummer just for the cop show--but when Jamie's superior officer stops by, it's no longer make-believe! (After this skit, a "promo" for the cop show was shown, which included a man in the gator costume from "Episode 204"!)

    --Say hello to Karen. She's setting up her friend Laura as they dine at a New Orleans restaurant. How will Karen feel about the gator soup when there's a live baby gator in it? Or when the "mama gator" (the fake gator from the first piece) shows up to attack Chef Jamie? Or when that big ol' rat from previous episodes joins in on the fun? Jamie presents another mark's reaction to this set up as well.moreless
  • Episode 217
    Episode 217
    Episode 15
    --Jamie plays a cashier who opens, tastes, and throws a customer's cakes to see if they're fresh. And he shoves and throws her groceries in the cart, too.

    --Meet Sharon. Sharon is a nurse who wants to "X" her parents, Cy and Sandy, by introducing them to her fiance and former patient, Jamie. Except Jamie is "Michael Marino," a very old "billionaire playboy" not unlike Jamie's waiter character "Mario" from earlier in the season. A little livelier, though.

    --In another installment of "You Be The Judge," a fellow named Andre is chosen to hear a case in which Jamie's "Niles Perkins" character is suing his big, frightening neighbor Marge Lipton for tormenting him. How will Andre react when Marge bribes him to rule in favor of her?moreless
  • Episode 217
    Episode 217
    Episode 14
  • Episode 215
    Episode 215
    Episode 14
    --Meet Allison. She and her dad, Barry, have set out to "X" her mother, Noma. The experiment? How will Noma react when Allison introduces her boyfriend, a ventriloquist who is a little too attached to his dummy? Um, Jamie plays the ventriloquist, not the dummy.

    --Jamie plays a cashier who, while examining a customer's fresh meat to see if she's shoplifting, coughs and sneezes all over it.

    --Meet Mark. Mark sets up his friend Damian by bringing him to his boss' house for drinks. Mark's boss is Jamie's hot, sexy wife--and Jamie's blind. The experiment? Will Damian get freaky with Jamie's wife...right in front of Jamie?moreless
  • Episode 214
    Episode 214
    Episode 13
    --In the pre-credits teaser, Jamie plays a cashier who rings up each item too many times, leading him to charge his customer an astronomical amount of money.

    --Jamie portrays a old, lonely, wacky doctor who gives an annoyingly tolerant mark free chiropractic treatment.

    --Jamie appears on a televised talent contest as a middle-aged man with no talent going up against a little girl with loads of talent. How will two unsuspecting judges react when Jamie bribes the host in order to win?moreless
  • Episode 215
    Episode 215
    Episode 12
  • Episode 212
    Episode 212
    Episode 12
    --Jamie portrays a new-age rat exterminator (what, you've never heard of such a thing?) who "X-es" his new employee by hunting down a four-foot rat (really an actor in a costume, of course!).

    --As a parking valet, Jamie makes it look like he broke into a customer's car because he lost the keys.

    --Jamie plays "Anson Bench" one more time, and this time Mr. Bench ruins everything for his partner on a game show by being stupid beyond belief.moreless
  • Episode 214
    Episode 214
    Episode 11
  • Episode 211
    Episode 211
    Episode 11
    --Jamie gets professional hypnotist Mark Sweet to hypnotize ten potential marks. The one who is most hypnotized is then chosen to believe that while hypnotized, he beat Jamie with a chair! Will he fall for it?

    --Jamie plays the role of prospective employer once more, but this time the poor sucker who wants a job must put up with Jamie's extreme personality quirks....and the rules that accompany them. The mark must bang the desk each time Jamie says "I"; he must put his hands on his head when he speaks to Jamie; he must sing in a high-pitched voice when Jamie has a panic know, the usual stuff.

    --Jamie revisits another familiar occupation: restaurateur. This time, he's a sleazebag who cuts costs by recycling leftover food from his own customers--and his competitors' dumpsters. How will a new waiter react when he finds out what really goes on in the kitchen?moreless
  • Episode 213
    Episode 213
    Episode 10
  • Episode 210
    Episode 210
    Episode 10
    --Meet Dan Potvin. Dan is going to be a contestant on a game show called "Quick Cash," hosted by comedian Pat Bullard. What he soon learns is that "Quick Cash" has the most complicated, most incomprehensible rules of any game show in history.....and that it's just a set-up for Jamie to "X" him. Jamie reprises his game show character from last season, Anson Bench.

    --Jamie portrays a bureaucrat who is so ill that he must live in a bubble and everyone around him must wear a face mask. But the mark whom he has just hired to be his assistant finds out that he's faking it to get a promotion!

    --Jamie plays dentist once more--well, actually, Jamie plays a guy who pretends to be a dentist, only to be exposed by his own father while examining a patient. Would you want to be in that chair?moreless
  • Episode 209
    Episode 209
    Episode 9
    This is a special Christmas episode: JKX-mas! Jamie, complete with a scarf and a pipe, is accompanied on the set by pianist Greg O'Connor, who normally composes the incidental music for the series.

    --First, Jamie plays a Santa who uses a photo studio as the place to get his Claus on with some hot mommies! How far will an unsuspecting elf let him go, especially when a vengeful husband stops by for a visit?

    --Secondly, Jamie gets TV personality Jillian Barberie to host a charity banquet for the homeless. As a priest, Jamie tests the morals of a man who pretended to be homeless just to get a free meal! WB reporter Mindy Burbano appears as herself.

    --Finally, Jamie and Jeff Goldblum audition models to advertise a new cologne called "Simply Jeff Goldblum." But what will they do when they learn, in Jeff's absence, that the cologne is toxic?moreless
  • Episode 208
    Episode 208
    Episode 8
    Jamie poses as a nervous employer who, while giving a job interview in a restaurant, goes crazy with a can of mace; as a cop, Jamie tries to convince an everyday citizen that she has a psychic gift; Jamie plays David Schwimmer's personal assistant, but Schwimmer would like to send Jamie packing. The mark? Jamie's "temporary" replacement, who is asked by Schwimmer to fire Jamie.moreless
  • Episode 207
    Episode 207
    Episode 7
    This is a special hourlong episode that was filmed at the Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas!

    --In JKX's first-ever pre-credits teaser, Jamie plays a lifeguard who evacuates a swimming pool so that he can take a bathroom the pool.

    --Then, a fellow named Scott "X-es" a few of his relatives by pretending to marry a woman who used to be a man. The blushing bride is none other than Jamie in drag.

    --"Niles Perkins" is "Jaw Man," the blackjack dealer. 'Nuff said.

    --A takeoff on the movie "Indecent Proposal," which has an "I'll give you a million dollars if you'll let me have sex with your wife" storyline. A man tries to "X" his fiancee by having Jamie make an "Indecent Proposal" to her. But while she and Jamie are alone, Jamie lets her in on the joke and tells her to agree to have sex with him no matter how little money he offers!

    --Jamie then repeats this, except the tables are turned: It's a woman who thinks she's going to "X" her husband, but Jamie then tells the husband agree to have sex with him no matter what!

    --The Palms Resort and Casino is owned by the Maloof Family. So are the Sacramento Kings. So Kings star Mike Bibby teams up with Jamie and Phil, Adrian, and Joe Maloof to "X" their brother Gavin. The joke? Bibby refuses to pay a $300,000 gambling debt!

    --Finally, Jamie plays an impressionist who's looking for a sidekick. But when the potential sidekick's audition goes a little too well, Jamie fears he'll lose the spotlight.moreless
  • Episode 206
    Episode 206
    Episode 6
    This is a special Halloween-themed episode, and Jamie hosted it outdoors in various costumes. Students from USC made up his audience.

    --Jamie composes and choreographs a prospective Broadway musical version of the current feature film "Ghost Ship." The film's star Julianna Margulies and the film's producer Joel Silver are on board to evaluate Jamie's musical, and let's just say they're not pleased! The marks, by the way? Jamie's cast!

    --Jamie teaches a bunch of kids how to get the most out of whatever means necessary!

    --Jamie poses as a director who tries to shoot a commercial in a cemetary where a weeping widow keeps getting in the way. The mark? The star of the commercial.moreless
  • Episode 205 (a.k.a. "Show 22")
    Jamie portrays an ancient waiter who tries desperately to serve his customers on his last night on the job; Jamie poses as a government agent who assembles a male security force--and asks them to have sex change operations; Jamie plays a drunk dentist.
  • Episode 204
    Episode 204
    Episode 4
  • Episode 204 (a.k.a. "Show 21")
    --Jamie poses as a director who makes a voiceover actor say "I don't think so" in more ways than anyone could possibly have imagined.

    --Jamie stars in another installment of "You Be The Judge" (see "Show 19"), playing the same nerdy character suing the same boss, doing the same "gay" routine--except this time he's also wearing that old jaw brace from the first season!

    --Jamie pretends to be a gardening expert who is instructing a seminar at a landmark Los Angeles home--but it's actually just his house and he's making his students prepare his yard for a barbecue.moreless
  • Episode 203
    Episode 203
    Episode 3
  • Episode 203 (a.k.a. "Show 20")
    Jamie portrays a dentist who's in a really lousy mood, X-ing a patient while he's in the chair; Jamie plays a reality show producer (not the same one from "Show 9") who wants to replace the dad in a real family with an actor; as a psychic, Jamie predicts that a college guy will meet his dream girl at a party that night--and the dream girl ends up being Jamie's psychic character in drag!moreless
  • Episode 202
    Episode 202
    Episode 2
  • Episode 202 (a.k.a. "Show 19")
    --Jamie presents two skits in which Lou Hollander, the driving instructor from "Show 4," tries to train a mark to help out on his paper route. The first mark cooperates willingly and the skit works; the second mark doesn't cooperate and the skit becomes a disaster!

    --On a new TV show called "You Be The Judge," a member of the audience (the mark in this skit) is randomly selected to judge an "actual" (not really) court case. In this case, Jamie plays Niles Perkins, a nerdy employee who sues his male boss for sexual harrassment and wrongful termination--but does he really mean it?moreless
  • Episode 201
    Episode 201
    Episode 1
  • Episode 201 (a.k.a. "Show 18")
    In the second-season premiere:

    --Prompted by Warner Brothers to fuse classical music with hip-hop, Brad Gluckman auditions a classically trained pianist. This doesn't go down so well with B-Rad's rapping partner, who hates the idea from the start.

    --"Giuliana" asks her friend "Don" to meet a contractor at her house for a small landscaping job, instructing him "not to let anything happen to her house." The contractor brings with him two disgruntled workers--one of whom is Jamie in disguise--and before Don even realizes what's happening, they start demolishing Giuliana's house! (Oh, don't worry--she's in on it!)

    --Three aspiring actors join Jamie's acting class, which is really a front for a cult that worships a robot named "Bliss." But it can't be a bad cult--Freddie Prinze, Jr. is a member!moreless