The Jamie Kennedy Experiment - Season 3

The WB (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Episode 322
    Episode 322
    Episode 22
    Miami Dolphin Jason Taylor returns to help Jamie trick fellow Dolphin, Jay Williams, into thinking Jamie is an overzealous sports father. Also, the show highlights the best moments of the season.
  • Episode 321
    Episode 321
    Episode 21
    When Jamie plays a guest on a talk show; he tests the limits of an audience member when she is told she must host the show. Also, Chicago Bears' former coach Mike Ditka returns to help Jamie trick a patron at his restaurant into thinking he is the millionth customer.
  • Episode 320
    Episode 320
    Episode 20
    Jamie dresses up as a transsexual undercover cop out to bust some men. Also, Jamie plays blues legend "Blind Man Anderson," who convinces a woman that she is there to help the crowd control for his CD signing, which turns out not to be the case.
  • Episode 319
    Episode 319
    Episode 19
    Chicago Bears' former coach Mike Ditka helps Jamie convince a Bears fan that Jamie is the new owner of Ditka's restaurant and Jamie has demoted him to a job waiting tables. Also, Jamie acts as the manager of the "Deep Dish Beauty Pageant." Henry Cota and Carl Lauten directed the episode written by Karey Dornetto, Josh Etting, Jason Jordan, Matthew Lawton, Keith Leslie, Corey Nickerson and Ellen Rapoport.moreless
  • Episode 313
    Episode 313
    Episode 18
    Pauly Shore helps Jamie convince a girl that she is auditioning for a prince who has come to Las Vegas to showcase comics. Also, when Jamie's real-life sister appears on a local news station to discuss Jamie's book, she has a shocking reaction when reporter Steve Highsmith turns the conversation from a friendly interview to an interrogation. Henry Cota and Michael Dimich directed the episode written by Karey Dornetto, Josh Etting, Jason Jordan, Matthew Lawton, Keith Leslie, Corey Nickerson and Ellen Rapoport.moreless
  • Episode 318
    Episode 318
    Episode 17
    Jamie returns as Virginia Hammond, who plays an incompetent sandwich-maker on the first day of her job at a sub shop. Also, Jamie arrives at an auction as a pretentious artist and helps a guy convince his girlfriend that Jamie's "art" is worth buying. Henry Cota and Carl Lauten directed the episode.moreless
  • Episode 314
    Episode 314
    Episode 16
    Nikki Hilton helps Jamie upset a guest at an upscale hotel pool when she consistently demands to sit at the same table, causing the guest to keep changing tables. Also, Jamie acts as a Venice beach bum who claims to be an old high school pal of a random passerby.
  • Episode 317
    Episode 317
    Episode 15
    When Jamie plays a Hollywood talent scout for child actors; he tests a mother's limits to see how far she will go to get her son into show business. Also, Jamie plays a jealous "Colombian Kingpin" who tries to convince a man that he is the target of a "hit."
  • Episode 316
    Episode 316
    Episode 14
    Jamie makes a mascot try and take another mascots job by having a competition. Jamie tells this guy mike(The X) that he can get him into the hottest club in Mimi and he gives them a preview but just keeps on leading them out the door the experiment is how many times will they try and get back in? Jamie and a kid play a joke on a Mimi dolphin by telling him that he has to hang out with the kid for the day but Jamie takes full advantage and pushes his kid around the experiment is will the Mimi dolphin take it personal.moreless
  • Episode 315
    Episode 315
    Episode 13
    Jamie turns a Miami boy band on its heels when he auditions them for a new television show and then tells them they will get the gig if they add a new member – him. Also, Jamie hits the beaches with an outrageous invention.
  • Episode 312
    Episode 312
    Episode 12
    Jamie pretends to give someone a ticket, while being the Vally guy. Jamie calls a guy who needs a guitar player for his band and acts like perfect person for the job but he cant here him over the follow of a leaf blower. Jamie plays a man who owns a strip club and he meets the girls family of the daughter who is stripping at his club.moreless
  • Episode 311
    Episode 311
    Episode 11
    Jamie plays a sketch artist in Venice Beach who reveals way too much of his subjects. Also, Jamie dresses up as Virgina Hammond, an unsanitary sandwich maker.
  • Episode 310
    Episode 310
    Episode 10
    Radio personality Artie Lang helps Jamie convince a man that his son is involved with some serious gambling "sharpies." Also, Jamie takes over a shoeshine stand in Grand Central Station to see how a customer will react when his shoes mysteriously disappear .
  • Episode 309
    Episode 309
    Episode 9
    Kathie Lee Gifford teams up with Jamie as she flirts with a fellow customer at a restaurant and then sticks him with an extremely large bill. Also, Jamie plays an obnoxious host of a new sports show called "Shut Your Hole" with New York Giants Tiki Barber and Amani Toomer.
  • Episode 308
    Episode 308
    Episode 8
    Jamie plays Lamar, a New York fashion designer extraordinaire who turns a model into a superstar when he prances around in Lamar's new line of men's underwear, "Manties." Also, when Jamie acts as a member of New York City's new Smoking Enforcement Division he sees how much abuse a smoker will take before she decides that having a cigarette is not worth the trouble.moreless
  • Episode 307
    Episode 307
    Episode 7
    When Jamie sings the Star-Spangled Banner at a minor league baseball game, the crowd gets crazy after his third version of the national anthem. Also, when Jamie plays an English rock star on "Rock & Roll Pyramid," host Donny Osmond and fellow contestant Carmen Electra help test the limits of an opponent.moreless
  • Episode 306
    Episode 306
    Episode 6
    When Jamie plays a news producer for Philadelphia's WB17, he tests an auditioning news anchor's limits with ridiculous suggestions during a "live" broadcast. Also, WB17's newsman, Steve Highsmith, interviews Jamie's childhood neighbor about Jamie's Hollywood success, and she has a less-than-flattering reaction when Steve reveals the details of a phony Time Magazine "interview."moreless
  • Episode 305
    Episode 305
    Episode 5
    At the historic City Tavern, where Thomas Jefferson wrote The Declaration of Independence, Jamie plays "Ben Franklin" for a gathering of history buffs and puts a racy spin on the past. Also, Jamie goes out on a nightmare blind date with a friend's roommate.
  • Episode 304
    Episode 304
    Episode 4
    This episode takes place in Jamie's hometown, Philadelphia, PA!

    --Jamie "X-es" his parents! WB reporter Steve Highsmith interviews them about a (phony) Time Magazine article, with Jamie in the control room supplying Highsmith with the most bizarre questions--about the most bizarre subject matter--you could ever imagine.

    --The second skit is like the first skit from "Episode 302," except this time Jamie is a crazed hockey dad. The mark is Philadelphia Flyers captain Keith Primeau, who is set up by fellow Flyer John LeClair and former Flyer/broadcaster Keith Jones. Did I mention that Primeau is notoriously aggressive, violent, and mean-spirited?

    --Chio & Diego from pop music station Q102's morning show set up their co-host Angi Taylor. They're hosting a Philly cheesesteak-eating contest in which Jamie plays a contestant who cheats, gets disqualified....and starts a fight.moreless
  • Episode 303
    Episode 303
    Episode 3
    This episode takes places in Los Angeles.

    --Avery, a professional writer looking for work, is our mark in the first skit. He has been set up by his friend Nicole. Avery has an appointment with the president of a studio, but he gets held up by a remarkably thorough gang of security guards--Jamie and his crew!

    --Jamie and his mark Harris go on a paparazzi mission, posing as gas men to invade a celebrity's home and photograph her as she's recovering from plastic surgery. (Actually, it's a celebrity lookalike, and the name of whoever she's supposed to be keeps getting bleeped out!)

    --Meet Jacqueline. She's setting up her boyfriend Manny at a nice restaurant. Jamie plays a (very gay) waiter who mixes up desserts, accidentally giving Jacqueline a dessert with an engagement ring in it! How will Manny react to his accidental proposal--or when the guy who intended that dessert for his girlfriend confronts Manny?moreless
  • Episode 302
    Episode 302
    Episode 2
    Jamie is in Los Angeles once again for this episode.

    --At Dodgers' Stadium, LA Dodger Paul Lo Duca and his wife Sonja enlist Jamie to "X" fellow Dodger Dave Roberts, whom Sonja describes as "the nicest guy in the world." The setup: Jamie is a Little League dad whose son Tommy has won a chance to play baseball with Roberts. How nice will Roberts be when Jamie turns out to be the meanest, greediest, most selfish dad Roberts has ever seen--or when Paul Lo Duca loses his temper and gives Jamie a beatdown?

    --Comedian Pauly Shore's mother owns the famous club The Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip. This is the setting for our next gag: Jamie plays a Saudi prince who, with Shore's help, is auditioning comic talent for a new club he wants to open. The problem is that Jamie doesn't speak any English, and every joke must be translated into Arabic for him! But that's not the worst of it: the mark ends up being Brian Holtzman, a comedian that Jamie worked with in his standup days! Just how far will Brian go to mend fences when one of his bits offends Jamie and his female companion?

    --Jamie plays a rock star who's half Ozzy Osbourne, half Marilyn Manson. A guy named Rob delivers a luxury car to Jamie's mansion, and it's up to Josh--our mark--to make sure nothing happens to it while Rob uses the restroom. Rob's job is at stake here--so of course, a drunken Jamie doesn't want the car and insists that it be removed, especially after his equally drunken girlfriend pukes on it!moreless
  • Episode 301
    Episode 301
    Episode 1
    The third season of JKX has an "on the road" theme. First stop: Los Angeles.

    In the first skit, Amanda Bynes hosts a new show called "Makeover Takeover," and the mark Rochelle is set up by her friend to be on it. Jamie, playing a flamboyant German named Gunther, teams up with world-renowned hairstylist Jose Eber to give Rochelle a new look. How will Rochelle react when she comes out looking like a circus clown on drugs?

    --Jamie plays Don Henderson, the producer of a new hidden-camera show called "Undercover." Holly Robinson Peete's brother Matt tries to play a joke on Holly by pretending to be a bumbling Pakistani waiter. The joke's on Matt, however, when Holly, whose football-playing husband Rodney just left for training camp, is caught getting her freak on with another man. And by the way, did I mention that Matt and Rodney are really tight?

    --Jamie takes on the role of "Shane Martin," a British director on the set of Anthony Anderson's TV series. The mark has to audition for a makeout scene with Anita, the actress who plays Anthony's sister. Problem is, she's not just playing--at least in the world of JKX, she really is Anthony's sister! How will Anthony react when the scene gets a little too hot and heavy? Well.......with the first mark, he reacts by demonstrating the makeout scene.....with his sister. With the second mark, he reacts by demonstrating the makeout scene......with Shane.moreless