The Jamie Kennedy Experiment

Season 1 Episode 10

Show 10

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2002 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • During the first skit, Jamie's character "Ed" hassles Scott while "Kathy" is in the shower. At one point, "Ed" wants to call "Kathy" out, so he yells, "Joannah!"

      I'm pretty sure that Jamie goofed here. He probably meant to say "Kathy," but he yelled out the name of the actress instead. He then tried to cover his mistake by crying out, "Kathleen Joannah!"

  • Quotes

    • James, when the, er, "ladies" leave for a moment and he's left with just his friend:

      "That is a (bleep)'in dude! I will beat your ass!"

  • Notes

    • The theme music was done with a (fake) steel-drum sound for this episode. How cute.

    • Scenes of Jamie on spring break in Panama City were used as tags and trailers by the WB during the weekend in which this episode aired.

    • In addition to playing "Kathy" in the first skit, Joannah Portman plays the anonymous girlfriend of James' friend in the second skit. If I had been the one to get "X-ed" in either skit that she appeared in, I would have been eternally grateful.

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