The Jamie Kennedy Experiment

Season 1 Episode 5

Show 5

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2002 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • The "FBI" skit proved too funny for even Jamie to handle. Notice how he keeps trying desperately not to break into hysterical laughter! Also, notice that he sounds like a frail old lady when he says, "Do you have steak?" It's hard to sound like a 31-year-old man when you're trying to suppress a huge laugh attack!

  • Quotes

    • John, the "mark" in the FBI skit, talking to Jamie's character, repeating what is said to him through an earphone by an "FBI agent": A priest and a nun walk into a bar. The priest asks the bartender for a drink. The nun says, "I got your drink right here!"


      Brad Gluckman: I'm gonna wash my balls. I keep my balls tight.

  • Notes

    • The "crude woman" skit was not listed in the WB's official description for this episode. This may be the skit that was erroneously included in official descriptions for "Show 3."

    • This episode marks a few JKX firsts: (1) This is the first time Jamie presented more than three skits in one episode; (2) the "basketball" skit is the first time Jamie ever "X-ed" over ten thousand people at once; and (3) the "crude woman" skit is the first time anyone was ever "X-ed" with Jamie nowhere to be seen.

    • For more information about "Brad Gluckman," see the entries for both "Pilot" and "Show 2."

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