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  • Season 1 Episode 13: Show 13

  • In the massage skit, neither Jamie nor Joannah Portman can keep a straight face. Why would they need to? The mark can't see anything in his position.

  • In the "flower shop" skit, the boss' first name is Tony, but Jamie keeps calling him "Larry"! Moreover, it seems as if the boss' last name is just about anything beginning with "Ca"!

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Show 10

  • During the first skit, Jamie's character "Ed" hassles Scott while "Kathy" is in the shower. At one point, "Ed" wants to call "Kathy" out, so he yells, "Joannah!"

    I'm pretty sure that Jamie goofed here. He probably meant to say "Kathy," but he yelled out the name of the actress instead. He then tried to cover his mistake by crying out, "Kathleen Joannah!"

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Show 8

  • In the final skit, the mark's name is Brad. Jamie's "boyfriend" introduces him to Jamie's "wife" as such, but shortly afterwards, she addresses him as "Bart."

  • When Jamie tries to imitate Sean Maguire's accent, he asks if it was a good Australian accent--but Sean Maguire's British. A fellow TV Tome user tells me that Jamie made this "mistake" on purpose to try to agitate Sean; it can be an insult to mistake a British accent for an Australian accent, and by extension, to mistake a Briton for an Australian. Okay, I'll buy that, especially since Jamie was doing everything in his power to be, well, irritating.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Show 5

  • The "FBI" skit proved too funny for even Jamie to handle. Notice how he keeps trying desperately not to break into hysterical laughter! Also, notice that he sounds like a frail old lady when he says, "Do you have steak?" It's hard to sound like a 31-year-old man when you're trying to suppress a huge laugh attack!

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