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Episode: Thursday Night Rules

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    I thought that this was a real solid episode. 

    Many of the things I have discussed before seemed to be resolved in this episode.  For example, I did not notice the score being out of place in this episode.  I thought that the score fit very well with the action onn screen.  Of course this is my opinion, and others may feel differen tly.


    The plot and characters were great.  Stella's continuing referral to the 10 Steps in the AA program was hilarious.  Carey's confusing over the photocopier was classic.  The scene where Iggy steals the "Expert" that Carey had brought to the office was also very good.

    The notion that Nick Walton has a crush on Jane was further pursued in this episode.  This thread seems to be building to something.  IMHO this is not a bad thing for this series, as having characters develop love interests is always a tried and true device in sitcoms.  (Whether you like it or not)

    Lastly, Jane and Susan were hilarious.  Susan's rules of landing a man were well done.  Janes interpretation of the rules was very well done.  I like how the writers had Jane and Ted go through three dates, and on the third date they slept together.  This is one of the great unwritten rules of dating, isn't it?

    Good episode.  Keep them coming!

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