The Jane Show

Season 2 Episode 11

It's All Relative

Aired Thursday 12:00 AM Apr 18, 2007 on Global



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    • Desmond: Jane, family is the cornerstone of society. Without family would all be pot smoking sodomites.
      Carey: (having a flashback) Ohhh, freshman year.

    • Jane: (Talking about her Sister) Everything she says is an insult, but in code. You didn't hear it because you don't speak her language of insult.
      Carey: French?

    • Gloria: Wanna buy an organic catnip sock? They're made by vulnerable women in vulnerable countries. I am volunteering today at the annex cat rescue table... you know, step nine, making amends?
      Jane: Right.
      Gloria: (Looking desperate) I'm thinking of smoking one of these later. (holding up the catnip sock tube)

    • Carey: Does the dress code include undergarments
      Stella: No
      Carey: So, I can still "freeball" it?
      Susan: (Disgusted) Uggghhh!

    • Carey: (Giving advice to Jane) Change your dance, and she'll have to change hers. Just some advice I got from a therapist.
      Susan: You're in therapy?
      Carey: Oh, believe it or not I use to be a mess.

    • Jane: Susan, I need to talk to you about Kathleen.
      Susan: Oh, yeah how'd it go? Are you like the Olsen Twins now?
      Jane: What, hungry and stoned?

    • Susan: I love dress codes, except that no shorts policy they hit us with in Grade 8. The Principal told us that wearing shorts would give us chlamydia.
      Carey: So it was the shorts!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Iggy: Why don't we all wear brown shirts?

      In defiance of the dress code, Iggy suggests "brown shirts". In fact, "Brownshirts" was the nickname of the Nazi German Sturmabteilung (Storm Troops), who were the the private army of the German Nazi party. The name was derived from the colour of their uniform.

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