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  • This show is just so Canadian it hurts!

    Everything about this show barks Canadian television. What is nice is the way that Global has put its muscle behind this show and is pushing the Canadian content.

    There are elements of "The Office" in this show, especially the quirky characters. However this is not "The Office" with a mockumentary style, it is strictly a sitcom.

    The Jane character comes across well. She is lovable and believable. You really have to root for her as she stumbles through life. Her friend Susan is a characature of a person. She is needy and too eager to please. Carey is played very well - especially in the bowling episode. The boss is also played very well, as the character comes across as a true power hungry nut-bar which is very amusing.

    The other characters, Iggy and Walton, sometimes seemed forced and overdone, which is unfortunate. The actors that play these characters are very talented, however something is missing in the brew. Maybe they will get it together as the season continues.

    All I know is that Teresa Pavlinik is very talented and she should have some sort of vehicle to carry her talent to Canadian homes on a regular basis.

    Again, it is nice to see some Canadian content on the small screen. If you read some of the reviews, what Global is really looking for is it's own "Corner Gas" in this series. Do they have it? Time will tell - and we have 13 episodes between now and August to see whether it works or not.

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