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  • What a (bad) show! P.S. Hazuki Kato is a liar!

    I don't even watch this show. I have a mild curiosity because of JP Calderon, who was on my favorite season of Survivor, so I decided to check it out this week. In fact, I only registered today because of what I saw on the show this week. (And I could only stand about 10 minutes of it.) When Hazuki Kato said her name and claimed to be from Japan, I about fell out of my seat. She is a liar. She is NOT from Japan. She pronounced her last name "Kay-to", which is completely wrong. NO ONE from Japan would say the name Kato that way. There is no question of regional dialect or anything like that. In Japanese, the "a" is pronounced "ah", like in the word "car". Always. Her name is "Kah-to". I am Japanese, so I know. And, yes, that means that the old TV show Green Hornet, which co-starred Bruce Lee as Kato, got it wrong, too.
  • 3 seasons?

    What I find most ridiculous about this show is that people apparently keep coming back and watching it...! 3 seasons? Of what? Can someone explain to me what the premise of the show really is....aside from making Janice and all of the 'models' on the show look like complete morons. I guess it is kind of like a train-wreck...some people just can't help looking to see what carnage they might get a glimpse of.....

    Initially I thought the general idea of reality television might be insightful and instructional, eye-opening and thought-provoking. I know, I know…what was I thinking? No wonder the rest of the world dislikes us.
  • Janice is sooooooo over the top....

    ...which is why I LOVEEEE watching her lmao! She makes some great Tv let me tell you. This woman yells/slaps/taunts whoever the hell she wants to get what she wants. I loved her on America's Next Top Model and to be quite honest it has become such a boring ass show without her there! When I heard she was getting a series of her very own I just had to tune it! From the very first episode I knew I would never become bored with The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. With crazyyy Janice and hot nude male models, what would turn me away? lmao. Most of the models are attractive and do have some very fresh talent, but some, I have no idea what the hell Janice was smoking/sniffing/snorting when she chose them. Some are either incredible unattractive in every way or they are the cockiest people you will ever come across. The latest season was the most raciest. There were lots more nudity and provocative shoots. Such as the hot gay male model shoot that required very little clothing material lol. It also dealt with a few serious issues such as a model who cut herself and another model whose weight was getting frighteningly less and less. I hope hope hope that TJDMA returns to the air soon. I am having my Janice withdrawals as we speak haha.
  • Because I love Janice

    Just another one of those modelling shows. Similiar format to The Agency but there's one big, loud, hilarious difference... JANICE.
    I absolutely adore her and she is the sole reason I watch that show I cannot get enough of her! She's honest, smart, she knows the business better than anyone (World's first SUPERmodel) and she has the power to make or break these models. In saying that, she seems to really care about her models, nasty Janice is awesome but it is nice to side another side of her. As long as she stays loud and proud I will not stop watching this show.
  • for some reason I like this show...

    Janice Dickonson is opening a new modeling agency and chronicles it all. She has open calls for new models to come in and clients that hire her models. I have no idea why I like this show. . .but it's surprisingly addictive. Janice is halarious and I love how she curses everyone out and says what's on her mind. It's entertaining. Some of the guy models are HOT...but that's not why I watch the show. It's interesting to see the world of modeling through an agency perspective. Overall, one of my favorite reality shows with a funny host and good models.
  • Janice celebrates Christmas and buys her kids puppies..

    TODD HOWARD? Jannice buys dogs from that infamous puppymiller?I am shocked that a woman who is so smart in business could be so dumb as to be taken by him.
    Shame on you Janice to perpetuate puppymilling.Miller has had his AKC rights revoked.He has lied to people; giving them dogs with false pedigrees;not to mention sickly.
    Janice, you did NO research and bought a dog from this person.He is a pariah in the dog world.Shipping in puppies from Eastern Europe when they are 5 weeks old and forging the pedigrees.. He has been forced to return thousands of dollars..
    I hope you manage your agency better than the way you buy dogs..
  • Janice lives up to her reputation

    This show started off as something Janice wanted to do after Americas Next Top Model. She opened her own modeling agency. What happened? Its Janice! what do you think happened? This show shows you the tough side of Janice but also shows you her sweet side, her family side, and her side that stands up for her and her models. She can take anything that anyone dishes out... and believe me, it gets dished out. Its something you just cant take you eyes away from and must tune in every week! Lets hope that season three happenes! Its bound to be amazing
  • but it hooks you

    WOW I hope that her personality on the show is mainly for show. She is like a raw nerve that is on Drama mode most the time. She is very hard to figure out she is all over the place. If I where a model I think I would run from her agency I think she is going to hurt her models chances because I think most clients wouldn\'t want to put up with her drama as some have stated. I think most have proabably booked through her just to get the TV time. I must say her over the top behavior is what makes me watch, but I don\'t think her show or her agency will make the long term.
  • I didn\'t think I would like this show at first but when I saw a marathon of it and then saw my favorite male model John Stallings is one of the models, I became hopelessly hooked :)

    I didn\'t think I would like this show after seeing Janice on The Surreal Life. Don\'t get me wrong, I loved Janice on The Surreal Life but I was thinking do I want to see a show centered around her? But the thing about this show is it\'s NOT centered around Janice! It is also about the business, the models (including my favorite male model John Stallings who I have adored since Manhunt a couple of years ago) and Janice\'s relationship with her son Nathan. You will see a whole new side of Janice! I\'m addicted to it now :)
  • Best reality show every made!

    This show is amazing! It's honest. It's hysterical. It's entertaining. Janice Dickenson's brutely straightfowardness is very refreshing in a world where everyone is politically correct and suger coating. I wish more people were like Janice, myself included. It doesn't hurt to see her point out flaws in models either. Makes you feel better to realized that models aren't perfect either! Watch this show! It is worth it. My only complaint is that it's a half hour long! It goes by way to fast! Give us an hour long show! Can't wait for the next episode each week. Would highly recommend to anyone!