The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency

Season 3 Episode 7

Under the Knife

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2008 on Oxygen

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  • not one of the best...

    PETA comes and gets the models to do a protest. The theme was "I'd rather be naked than wear furs", but the models weren't planning to actually be naked because that's illegal. One of the models had a problem with it because she wasn't for the cause. That's her opinion. The other models should have just left her alone. It's weird seeing Sarin as a bodyguard... Anways, Kehoe decided to get naked, but no one really noticed (the police anyways). The protest seemed to go well. Later, Janice goes for plastic surgery. I didn't want to see that. It's gross. I think she can do whatever she wants and I'm happy that she's open about it, but at least don't show the operation. Overall, not one of my favorite eisodes, but still good.