The Jay Leno Show

Season 1 Episode 56


Aired Weekdays 10:00 PM Dec 02, 2009 on NBC

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    After being pre-empted due to a dumb, pointless Barack Obama press conference, and an even dumber Biggest Loser special, Jay Leno returned to the 10 o'clock slot.

    Tonight's main guest was John Travolta, and I am very glad he replaced the horribly unfunny Dane Cook. The interview was informative and funny, and was one of the better sit-downs since the show started. This is still a down point of the fast-moving, high-energy program. Jay needs to spice things up to keep viewers interested.

    Kim Kardashian was on 10 at 10 and was just as annoying as Nasim Pedrad's impression of her on SNL. I do want to try fried Oreos though.

    The first part of JMZ with Barry Williams was funny. The Twilight stuff, not so much.

    Ed Asner was funny in Meal or No Meal. Dude needs to come back to TV.