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  • I'm Disappointed

    I always watch Jay Leno because I think David Letterman is obnoxious!!!!!! I have been disappointed in Jay Leno lately. He has bowed down to Lettermans level. Jay used to get his laughs about things. Lately he has been insulting people like Letterman. I'm sick of insults on the weight of Chris Christie. People need to look in the mirror. I'm also sick of put downs on Pres Obama. Jay go back to your standard of jokes & stop bowing down to Lettermans level.
  • Sarcastic meets Energetic

    Yup, that's the Jay Leno show for me. He has a lot to say, sometimes a lot of things we might not expect to hear, so naturally we might like to argue to differ.... however... Jay Leno runs a great show with a supporting band, a variety of jokes, and the performances are great!
  • Did not like most of the shameless tacky promos for the show, but still a pro comedian.

    J has tons of energy that can overwhelm. My last review was a 3, but the show has improved! The tone and pace aren't alwayyyys predictable as I once said, and now the show is amped down a bit. Comedy is about opportunistic choice and willingness to go in a completely different direction when the moment/crowd calls for it. Kate Mom skit good. His valuable schtick with Kevin isnt as genuine because there is less space for subtle humor with his amped-up-wind-up attitude, but I see he is more open now.

    Kanye deserved a scolding... but "what would have your dead mother thought of you" is sappy paternalism to the extreme. I shouldnt be critical since he is a great source of current events and jokes on a consistent basis... but i wont watch a show where the TONE is too predictable... be careful b4 you knock the legends.
  • im not impressed

    alright so i've been seeing ads for this show for a couple of weeks and i have actually been looking forward to watching it to see how it was. I have never watched jay lenno but have heard great things about his other show and that he is a funny guy so i went in with a good sense of wow this could be a good show. In reality though it just didnt click for me. One of the main reasons is all of the jokes just seemed so staged and unnatural..just bam! punchline out of nowhere. Another complaint i have is that the little skit they did for the opener went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy to long. at first it was a very funny little skit but as the song went on and on and on and on and well you get stopped being funny and started to become annoying even to the point where i had to change channels. It's only been one episode and maybe their trying to get all of the bugs out still but for me well i just dont like it, he has some funny material it just wasnt presented very well. It is woth a shot though if you have nothing better to watch at 10
  • It isn't enough.

    I wanted so badly to enjoy this show. Think the early night talk show is a fresh new thing- but it felt so stale. Jay was brilliant with his Kanye interview- asking him what his deceased mother would think, was bolder than I give Leno credit for- I was impressed by that- but everything else was so underwhelming. He has some great musical guests arranged, but to turn in just for that, isn't enough. how many shows are suffering due to this weekly 10 o'clock Leno block? If other shows fails in accursed time slots so that Leno can host a condensed version of the Tonight Show... I for one am not for it. This would be amazing entertainment for 10 o'clock on a Sunday night, or maybe on a Friday before going out late with friends, but if this lack of innovation is indicative of the Jay Leno Show, NBC is going to have one very dead prime time block.
  • Jay Leno is a nice guy, and has a pleasant personality. Is it prime time entertainment? NO. A show that appears like a rehash and retread of his former Tonight Show schtick is not what I want for prime time.

    NBC has not shown good judgment in its programming. The latest gaff is the new Jay Leno show. Prime time it is not. And to have killed off 5 or more other shows to fit in this turkey shows a mindless greed and lack of respect for the audience.

    But why should the audience matter to the networks?
    Already, they pummel us with video vandalism, slapping animations, pop-ups, and scrawls that mar the artistic product presented.

    Jay's late night menu doesn't translate to primetime. Smothers Brothers he is not. The comedy, music, and guest interviews do not rise to that level. And with the whollyweird mindset of the left coast, it doesn't mesh well with the dark reality facing the unemployed folks in the upper midwest, rusting northeast, and the foreclosure wracked sunbelt.

    Escapist entertainment is what is needed. Not a smirking poke in the eye, at bargain basement prices.