The Jay Leno Show

NBC (ended 2010)





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  • It isn't enough.

    I wanted so badly to enjoy this show. Think the early night talk show is a fresh new thing- but it felt so stale. Jay was brilliant with his Kanye interview- asking him what his deceased mother would think, was bolder than I give Leno credit for- I was impressed by that- but everything else was so underwhelming. He has some great musical guests arranged, but to turn in just for that, isn't enough. how many shows are suffering due to this weekly 10 o'clock Leno block? If other shows fails in accursed time slots so that Leno can host a condensed version of the Tonight Show... I for one am not for it. This would be amazing entertainment for 10 o'clock on a Sunday night, or maybe on a Friday before going out late with friends, but if this lack of innovation is indicative of the Jay Leno Show, NBC is going to have one very dead prime time block.