The Jay Leno Show

NBC (ended 2010)





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  • im not impressed

    alright so i've been seeing ads for this show for a couple of weeks and i have actually been looking forward to watching it to see how it was. I have never watched jay lenno but have heard great things about his other show and that he is a funny guy so i went in with a good sense of wow this could be a good show. In reality though it just didnt click for me. One of the main reasons is all of the jokes just seemed so staged and unnatural..just bam! punchline out of nowhere. Another complaint i have is that the little skit they did for the opener went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy to long. at first it was a very funny little skit but as the song went on and on and on and on and well you get stopped being funny and started to become annoying even to the point where i had to change channels. It's only been one episode and maybe their trying to get all of the bugs out still but for me well i just dont like it, he has some funny material it just wasnt presented very well. It is woth a shot though if you have nothing better to watch at 10
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