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  • Did not like most of the shameless tacky promos for the show, but still a pro comedian.

    J has tons of energy that can overwhelm. My last review was a 3, but the show has improved! The tone and pace aren't alwayyyys predictable as I once said, and now the show is amped down a bit. Comedy is about opportunistic choice and willingness to go in a completely different direction when the moment/crowd calls for it. Kate Mom skit good. His valuable schtick with Kevin isnt as genuine because there is less space for subtle humor with his amped-up-wind-up attitude, but I see he is more open now.

    Kanye deserved a scolding... but "what would have your dead mother thought of you" is sappy paternalism to the extreme. I shouldnt be critical since he is a great source of current events and jokes on a consistent basis... but i wont watch a show where the TONE is too predictable... be careful b4 you knock the legends.