The Jeff Corwin Experience

Wednesday 9:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered Apr 01, 2001 In Season


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  • Season 3
    • The Urban Show
      The Urban Show
      Episode 13
      In this episode of The Jeff Corwin Experience, Jeff goes urban to find the wildlife living in our own back yards.
    • Where's Jeff?
      Where's Jeff?
      Episode 12
      In this episode of The Jeff Corwin Experience, Animal Planet lays down a direct challenge to Jeff's snake finding skills. He's blindfolded, taken to a remote location somewhere in the U.S., and given 48 hours to figure out which state he's in...based only on the snakes he finds.
    • Venezuela: Operation Anaconda
      The most massive snake on Earth lives in one of the most extreme environments in the world, the Venezuelan floodplains known as the "llanos." Jeff Corwin lends a hand to Venezuelan scientists who are hot on trail of the biggest Anacondas on record.
    • Brazil: Saving the Tamarin
      The Brazilian city of Manaus in the heart of the Amazon is growing so quickly the animals can't get out fast enough. As a result, creatures like the barefaced tamarin, a primate on the verge of extinction, are being trapped in the forest within the city limits. Jeff Corwin teams up with a local one-man rescue operation on a mission to capture and relocate a stranded colony of tamarins.moreless
    • The Big Bad Wolf?
      Most conservationists argue that the North American gray wolf is the most controversial and intriguing wildlife species in the US. Jeff traverses the western United States to gain a better understanding of the ecology and conflict behind this keystone canine and to find two very special wolves a new home.
    • Indonesia: The Orangutan Freedom Journey
      Poaching has dwindled the orangutan population. Jeff travels to Indonesia to help further the existence of what's left of these unusual primates.
    • Cambodia: Snakes on the Menu
      Jeff journeys across Cambodia to expose the illegal wildlife trade. From restaurants serving pangolins and snakes to poachers hunting tigers, Jeff follows the trail in a hard-hitting look at a disturbing practice.
    • Australia: Going Bats Down Under
      Australia is home to the amazing flying foxes. From big cities to country farms, these giant, fruit-eating bats are feeling the heat like never before. Jeff travels across Queensland, Australia, to learn how humans and flying foxes can safely co-exist.
    • Kenya: Hyena, Queen of the Beasts
      Jeff is in Kenya to dispel some of the myths concerning Africa's most prolific and misunderstood predators. Uncover what is truth and what is fiction surrounding the notorious Tsavo man-eating lions and the spotted hyenas.
    • Peru: Bear Necessities
      Jeff journeys to Peru to help save the elusive Spectacled Bear, South America's only bear species and its largest carnivore. Cross a stunning jumble of towering mountain ranges, lush rainforest and bone-dry desert.
    • Mexico: The Great Snake Hunt
      Jeff Corwin comes to the rescue to milk the most notorious venomous snakes for their venom. Scores of people are killed each year by snakebites in Mexico and the Mexican laboratory that produces the anti-venom is running out.
    • Uganda: It's a Croc Story
      Go with Jeff as he searches the Nile River for a twenty-foot long crocodile. Armed only with wood poles, rope and fear-stricken group locals, Jeff heads off into the Ugandan night to safely capture and study one of these creatures.
    • Botswana: Exploring the Elephant Highway
      Travel with Jeff to Botswana to help track the migration routes of elephants. From a venomous snake hunt with the Botswana Defense Force to a family that actually lives with lions; this is not an ordinary experience!
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