The Jeff Corwin Experience

Wednesday 9:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered Apr 01, 2001 In Season


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  • This show is awesome!!!

    I just recently started watching the Jeff Corwin Experience, and now I am hooked on it. It's really cool to see and learn about all the different kinds of animals and places he explores. It's informative, yet fun at the same time. Jeff Corwin is so awesome. He has to be really brave and really love his job to get out there and do what he does. (I just hope he don't end in the same way as the Croc Hunter!) My favorite animals that I have seen on the show are the orangutans and sea turtles. They're so cool! I love the Jeff Corwin Experience!!!
  • Jeff corwin is awesome.

    Jeff corwin is so awesome because he is a expcert of animals. He is better then steve irwin i didn't like steve irwin while he was feeding a animal with his baby. and it sad what happened to him. Jeff Corwin is lucky to be close to a monkey. Because i really like Monkeys. he probalys go's to the amazon river. that will be cool go there someday with thousands of animal, snakes, lizards, and bugs. Jeff corwin is so funny too.
  • Great Adventure In Your Living Room

    Jeff Corwin is magnificant in this program. The HD version is just a tremendous experience to watch. Jeff teaches about wild animals and reptiles like few others do. The cinematography and effects are top notch. Jeff takes the visitor on an adventure with him of discovery and intrigue and you feel like you're out there in Africa with him.

    One of his most interesting shows was how Jeff set out to trick elephants from finding him to see if they could hunt down their own poachers. Jeff showed how intelligent elephants truly are, as he couldn't escape them.
  • jeff has missions to go out and research animals

    exellent....two thumbs really shows and helps the constervation of animals. the show if funny and exiting and great to watch. fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun just doing this to use up word count.
  • A new experience every episode!

    Jeff Corwin is a great show that helps you learn about the animals that share this world with and is very fun and entertaining to watch also. Jeff Corwin makes the show more exciting and funny by telling silly jokes and doing silly things. Also the show has somewhat of a storyline so that is very enjoyable as well. Also he is a very good looking guy so he's not hard to stare at. :D My favorite episode was when he had to figure out where he was in the United States just by using the terrain and wildlife around him. It was so funny. You at least have to watch that episode, it's just so funny. Well overall I enjoy this show. It is very informative and helps you understand that we need to save the creatures around us.