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The Jeff Dunham Show

Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2009 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Peanut holds auditions at a dance studio to win a part on The Jeff Dunham Show. Relationship advice is given from...Walter!? Achmed attempts to join the U.S. Marines while Bubba J records custom cell phone ringtones.
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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

    • QUOTES (14)

      • Achmed: (to overweight "Touch of Romance" employee) Holy chocolate Easter bunny, who are you?

      • Bubba J: Then, they tries to steal my job. Fortunately, I don't have one.

      • Debbie: Allow yourself to go deeper and deeper.
        Bubba J: That's what she said.

      • Bubba J: (suspicious of Dr. Hsu) You're not a pretty doctor lady, you're an evil alien in a pretty doctor lady body. You're like Hillary Clinton, I knew it! And don't kill me with your death paddles!

      • Dr. Hsu: The next thing we're going to try to do, is check your blood pressure. Here we go. And now it's just going to squeeze you for a second.
        Bubba J: It's getting real tight. All the beer's going to pour out!

      • Dr. Hsu: Well, if I put this in my ear, I can listen to your heart and lungs.
        Bubba J: The aliens on the spaceship said they just wanted to listen to my heart beat, too, but then they took pictures of my insides and stuck things in my butt. That was the worst New Year's Eve ever!

      • Dr. Hsu: Hello, I'm Dr. Hsu. So you're here for your check-up today, right, Bubba J?
        Bubba J: Uh, they said I had to get a check-up and that means the doctor and that means a scary hospital place.

      • Jeff: You know Bubba J, you drink so much; I just worry about your health.
        Bubba J: Oh, I'm healthy as an ox.
        Jeff: Ah.
        Bubba J: No, wait: A horse! A Budweiser horse! I love those horsies; They're all named Clyde and Dale, did you know that? And they pull around a magical beer wagon, filled with the delicious mixture of mind-numbing, golden nectar of the drunken Gods! And the great Honky-Tonk in the sky.
        Jeff: Are you okay?
        Bubba J: I think I'm thirsty.

      • (Walter is giving relationship advice to couple)
        Walter: What's your freaking problem?
        Husband: Uh, well I kinda miss my country. I want to move back to Europe. It's been, really hard to find a job here.
        Walter: Why do you think you deserve to steal a job from an honest, hard-working Mexican?

      • Jeff: So Bubba J, how are you feeling tonight?
        Bubba J: Well, I feel like having a beer!

      • Peanut: Since when did they put you in my video?
        Jeff: But I'm your 'possy'!
        Peanut: And that's why I'm going solo.

      • Peanut: You know in Twilight when Edward dumps Bella?
        Jeff: Yeah.
        Peanut: Well you're the annoying white chick with no powers.

      • Peanut: You can call me. I have a new phone number. It's five five five, five five five, five, five five five.
        Jeff: That's not a real number.
        Peanut: I know.

      • Jeff: You know, on the way here, I was sitting in traffic, thinking about how I still can't believe that I'm doing my own television show in Los Angeles. Then I got shot at on the freeway, some old lady flipped me off, and then I realized: Yep! I'm in Los Angeles!

    • NOTES (1)

      • Dr. Hsu appears for the second time in the series. She also appeared in Episode 2 when she was the female doctor that Walter got his physical from.

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