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  • possibly the worst show ever made by comedy central (and that's saying alot)

    The Jeff Dunham show is possibly the worst show on TV.
    All of his stupid characters are equally as unfunny as they are unlikeable and offensive. Dunham relies heavily on racist, homophobic, and anti-semetic jokes that do not point out the ridiculousness of stereotyping, rather they are just Dunhams own stereotyping. There is a stark difference between ironically staing a stereotype to show the stupidity of the stereotype (i.e. what Sarah Silverman does); and just simply stating a racist comment for stupid, closet bigots to laugh at (which is what comedians like Jeff Dunham and Carlos Mencia do). These are just awful jokes (if you can call them that) that is fed to an audiance who have been weened by the redneck comedy, and no longer know what good comedy is.
    On top of Dunham's poor humour, the plot lines to the various stories in the show are so clearly and disgustingly contrived. the scene In the first episode when walter and Jeff meet the gay therapist is remarkably stipid, and it is insulting to the viewer, or it at least should be, that the writers for this show believe we will buy into this B-S.
    A quote from Paige Wiser of the Chicago Sun-Times best sums up the experience of what will happen while watching this show "At best, you won't laugh. At worst, you will weep for the half hour you have lost and destroy all the puppets in your home".
    It is shameful that the network that carries great programs such as the daily show and south park, has the cpacity to air this atrocity.
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