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ABC (ended 1997)


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  • A show that was funny both seasons, despite numerous changes being made

    The Jeff Foxworthy Show was, for those who had either not heard his first album or seen his specials, the introduction of blue collar comedian Jeff Foxworthy to most of America.

    The first season has Jeff, his wife Karen, and son Matt living in Karen's hometown in Indiana, also among the cast of characters at home are Karen's parents, including her father Elliot, who dosen't really care for Jeff all that much, in fact, he believes Karen ruined her life by marrying Jeff. Jeff runs his own heating and air company alongside employees Walt and Russ, who eventually leave to make way for new characters like Gail, Karen's sister and Wayne, Jeff's little brother.

    In season two, they're now living in Jeff's hometown of Briarton, Georgia with Matt and new son, Justin, among the cast of characters this season are Jeff's best friend and co-worker Bill Pelton (Played by Jeff's real friend, Bill Engvall, crazy friend\co-worker Florus Workman, who lives with his mother, and Jeff's ladies man father, Big Jim Foxworthy

    This show began America's fascination with blue collar comedy, which continues to this day
  • Jeff Foxworthy The network's got what are they going to do with him

    In 1995 Jeff Foxworthy was one of the hot tickets. He had a hugelety successful comedy album "You Might Be A Reneck If...", his second album "Games Rednecks Play" was about to come out and do just as well as his first, and his concert shows were sold out. In the eyes of ABC that makes him perfect for his own TV show. It made sense to me and I was looking foreward to it myself. I did not get to watch the first season when it premired because I was out on Saturday nights. I caught those episodes three years later on USA and I realized what went wrong. What went wrong boils down to a complete lack of understanding of their subject matter. A majority of Hollywood writers have either lived in New York or Los Angeles and do not understand people outside of those areas (hence the reason why most sitcoms have the same worn out plots) so writing from the point of view of a redneck would be like me trying to write from the point of view of a bear. So instead of crafting a an innovative series about Jeff Foxworthy's life they plant Jeff in a fish out of water story line as the owner of a heating and air business in Bloomington Indiana (because you can find so many rednecks in Bloomington Indiana) married to Karen, the daughter of a college professor who can't stand Jeff for obvious reasons. They have a son named Matt who in the tradition of all sitcom kids is smarter and more sarcastic thn his parents. Rounding out the cast are Jeff's employees: grizzled old timer Walt and young ladies man Russ. All of these characters did not have any real depth but were created from the sitcom character handbook. This sitcom actually took on many forms in its two year life span. The first form featured the above characters plus Karen's friend Sandi and snobby next door neighbor Craig. The plots were simple sitcom fair: Jeff trying to repay his father-in-law, Matt afraid to swim and Jeff and Karen disagreeing on how it should be handled etc. Sandi and Craig were dropped after the sixth episode but that didn't do anything. By mid season Walt and Russ were dropped; Karen's sister Gayle and Jeff's brother Wayne were added. Jeff's business has taken a beating due to the arrival of a national heating and air chain forcing him to fire Walt and Russ. Jeff's brother Wayne arrives and buys into Jeff's business. The focus is now on straight brother Jeff and crazy and wild brother Wayne (whos catch phrase is "before you say no just hear me out"). Karen's sister Gayle moves in with Jeff and Karen after leaving her husband. After a few episodes Wayne's girlfriend Dee Dee shows up and gets a job at Foxworthy Heating and Air. This lasted the rest of the season. At the end of the season ABC dropped the series. Sensing that they made a mistake NBC picks up The Jeff Foxworthy Show but makes several changes. The setting of the show is moved from Indiana to Georgia and virtually the entire cast except for Jeff Karen and Matt are dropped. The role of Karen is recast and the baby girl that Jeff and Karen had at the end of last season has been transformed into a two year old son Justin. Added to the cast are friends Bill (played by up and coming comedian Bill Engvall) and Florus; and Jeff's father Big Jim. Out of the heating and air business Jeff takes a job as a foreman on the loading dock of the trucking company. Surprisingly a lot of these changes helped the series. The characteres were more believeable and the situations less contrived and the show did not need a mid-season overhaul. Unfortuneately none of this helped and The Jeff Foxworthy Show quietly faded from the network at the end of the season. Years later Jeff Foxworthy stated that he would never do another sitcom again but did return to television in Blue Collar TV (with Foxworthy Show vet Bill Engvall) and later Foxworthy's Big Night Out.
  • They Should Seriously Consider Splitting Up Season One And Season Two Into Two Seperate Shows, Since There Are Way Too Many Differrences. My Rating On This Show Is For Season Two Only.

    Season one of this show is very different. It was a short season, and there was a different Karen, and there was a little girl that was born in the end.

    The next season had a lot of changes. The setting had changed, there was a different Karen, and Jeff Foxworthy began narrating before a scene began, there was a new, and better, opening, and half the cast had changed, and the new kid was now a boy that was several years older.

    That last one that was mentioned would be impossible for these two seasons to be classified as the same show. There is way to much difference. Each season was even on a different network. I really think that this show should be listed as two shows....... and why didn't they continue after the second season?? It looked a lot better with some of those changes.....
  • just read the review

    This show is extremly funny. You will love it if you are a Jeff Foxworthy fan of if you are not. It's so cute, and it is even children directed. It's not like most shows where every other word is inappropiate sometimes it maybe but not all the time . its cute and it family related to and you cant find many show that can be funny and family based any more I mean where did producers get in their heads that the only thing that can get people laughing is cusing and lets just say "adult matters" thats what I think
  • Great Recurring stars, nothing else.

    Jeff Foxworthy is funny to some people but to be honest I've yet to meet one of these people. His "you might be a redneck" was funny the first time however the second time it wore on.

    A little background could help understand why this show was made. Rosanne was a show about a low income family in the early 90s, it got ratings through the roof, and Rosanne was a fixture in ABC, able to do what she wanted. Apparently someone though Jeff Foxworthy, another comedian, can do the same think with an almost redneck family. Obviously it didn't reach the same acclaim as Rosanne.

    It's sorta like the minutes in this show. The first time it's "wow he got his own shows". Then you get a story, such as "Wayne won a 100 dollars at the comedy club so there's a comedy stand off". And then you get into the redneck jokes, and it starts to sink like the Exxon Valdez.

    The sad thing is you see all sorts of gimmicks all over the place, such as the wife is pregenant but the jokes are never funny. Most of these gimmicks are normal in shows where you are in the fifth season and you need to mix it up. However in two years needing these gimmicks is ridiculous.

    The jokes is the biggest problem, I'm glad this show has a laugh track because they are the only way I can tell when a joke is being told. Here's one

    Jeff: "You're not coming back either"
    Wife: "Only if I'm cold and hungry"

    Now not all the jokes is bad. Jay Mohr and Donna Jo Rupp (from that 70's show) was on the show, and both have excellent jokes when working on their own. Some random walk on rolls produces interesting jokes. But with out these two stars, the show is almost with out laughs unless you count the laugh track.

    Overall this is one of those shows that proves some executives at some networks definatly are in need of a brain.
  • Funny

    The Jeff Foxworthy show is a very funny show. Jeff is an aclaimed comedian to begin with so that's what makes this show extra funny. The cast work well together and it shows when they are portraying their characters on the screne. The humor seems to come naturally. This show also has a point to it it's not just humor but from time to time good lessons are taught. A good show.
  • The Jeff Foxworthy Show starring Jeff Foxworthy

    This show was really funny, It starred funnyman Jeff Foxworthy, the way they put some of his jokes in with the show was great, I really liked the second season with Bill Engvall, those guys are great together. the rest of the cast was well put together, its just to bad the show didn't last longer.
  • Ummm.........

    I would have marked this show higher, because it is funny, but I hated the way it changed so drasticaly between the first couple of seasons; 1. Karen changes, I liked the original
    2. They had a girl, next season they had a 4 yr old boy?!
    for those reason alone I rate it a 5.0
  • What the heck happned to the wife and the daughter in the first eppisode of the 2nd season?

    Its was a good show and the 1st season was great! But the last episode of the last season jeff and his wife karen had a baby girl after wayne's wedding thing. Then the first episode of the 2nd seadon jeff's wife is played by a whole different woman and he lives in a new house and has a son??? Im confused... I love the show but now im turned off this makes me not want to watch it because i liked the first wife and i liked the idea of a daughter and i loved their house. Is there something i missed, do they ever explain this??
  • You might be a redneck get a Christmas stocking full of ammo. Or, you are related to Jeff Foxworthy.

    I think this show is underappreciated. It's nice because it has good values, and the family can watch it together. Maybe it isn't quite ROFL hilarious, but still, it's highly underrated. Brew yourself some coffee, get a blanket, comfortable couch, and your remote. Watch "The Jeff Foxworthy Show" on Nick@Nite at 9:00 PM on Saturdays.
  • "You might be a redneck..." if you watch this show. This show is about Jeff Foxworthy teaching his son about life and rednecks and everything else he has to ask about.

    "You might be a redneck..." if you watch this show. This show is about Jeff Foxworthy teaching his son about life and rednecks and everything else he has to ask about. In this show Jeff goes through the normal life terrors taxes, his wife's friends and his wife's family.He is a normal, blue collar kind of guy.
  • Rednecknation

    so funny and his little son is just so freakin cute with the face and the blonde hair. He (JEff) Gots awsome friends and a awsome wife. Some people may envy. I love this show because of the mocking of rednecks (i guess) It is sad it only had 2 seasons. I really wish it had more.
    But atlest it is on Nick at Nite on saturdays now.
  • A fun show the whole family can enjoy.

    “The Jeff Foxworthy Show” was based on the stand-up comedy of the Jeff Foxworthy. While many comedians seem to get sitcoms like this, Jeff’s was truly outstanding. Unfortunately the lesser comedians with their unfunny, boring shows often drone on for years, while “The Jeff Foxworthy Show” was cut short at just two seasons.

    Even though the producers were constantly juggling with show’s formula and cast around it always stayed funny because Jeff Foxworthy is always good. Jay Mohr does an inspired spell as Jeff’s crazy brother Wayne. When Haley Joel Osment is grown into a great actor, these episodes will provide a classic glimpse into his ability to do physical comedy at a young age.
  • Excellent Family sitcom

    This show is hilarious. Jeff Foxworhty is one of the funniest men on the planet. If The Jeff Foxworthy show is playing on a tv near you I totally recomend that you tune in. Its a pity there were only two seasons made. The addition of Comedian/Actor Jay Mohr during season one made the show even funnier