The Jeffersons

Season 3 Episode 14

Bentley's Problem

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1977 on CBS

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  • I recently watched it this episode for the very first time and I regard it as a true classic.

    This episode seems like it was made just for me just like Mister Bentley, I do not like confrantations. In this epsisode George tries to convince Mister Bentley to stand up to gentleman parking too close to his car. Mister Bentley ends up slugging a police officer. After Mister Bentley is bailed out of jail, the police officer and Mister Bentley discuss matters at the Jeffersons. The police officer finally realizes what a true honest man Mister Bentley is and agrees to assist him with the gentleman parking too close to Bentley's car, and the officer agrees to drop all charges. In my opinion this episode is a reminder to us all that honesty should be our best policy.
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