The Jeffersons

Season 9 Episode 22

Change of a Dollar

Aired Unknown Mar 13, 1983 on CBS

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  • Groundbreaking episode in a groundbreaking series

    This is the episode that I think put "The Jeffersons" over the top when it came to revolutionary television. The most touching episode of the series and quite possible of any television show of all time, "Change of a Dollar" goes back to when George Jeffersons first opened Jefferson Cleaners in 1968 and how George comes back to the store every night a week to do his first customer's drycleaning out of appreciation. This not only showed a humanistic side of George that was lacking for most of the series (although he usually did end up doing the right thing), but showed a degree of human emotion lacking from most sitcom, both past and present. Deserved the writing Emmy that it won. Great episode in a great series.