The Jeffersons

Season 4 Episode 20

George and Jimmy

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 1978 on CBS

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  • This episode is about George wanting president carter to spend the night at his apartment for business promotion purposes. It turns out to be a big misunderstanding between the secret service and the whitehouse.

    In this episode George is desperate for promotion schemes for his cleaning business. He tries everything in his power to get his name mentioned somewhere in the headlines. He finally comes up with the idea to try and get president Jimmy Carter to stay overnight at his dee-lux apartment in the sky. The plan backfires when George uses some very suspicious catch pharases and gets the attention of the secret service who come straight to his home to investigate him. The real funny part is when George doesn\'t even realize that while he is under investigation, he is still using those suspicious phrases and is still aggrevating the agents. Also, if you pay close attention, when George snaps and gets angry with the agents, he jumps up on the couch and begins to scream to the top of his lungs: \"I\'m not a nut!\" \"I\'m not a nut!\" \"Weezy will you tell these guys I ain\'t crazy!\" and while doing that he loses his balance on the couch and is trying not to laugh, but you can see that him and the rest of the cast are trying very hard to keep their composure! Very hiliarious!
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