The Jeffersons

Season 2 Episode 11

George's Best Friend

Aired Unknown Nov 22, 1975 on CBS

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  • Louis Gossett guest stars as Wendell Brown an old navy buddy of George's who comes to pay a visit. The funny situations begin immediately as he can't seem to keep his hands (or lips!) away from Louise! Plenty of laughs and lots of naughty action!

    Wendell Brown comes to visit George, and Louise instantly remembers how important Wendell was to George in the Navy. Wendell claims he wants to surprise George but surprises Louise by making flirtatious comments and unexpected advances! Watching Louise getting hit on is quite funny to watch, as she is quite surpised when George walks in to the apartment! Louise tries to tell George, but doesn't want to hurt his feelings about his "old navy buddy" a man he says "saved his life!" Wendell continues to make passes at Weezy even under George's nose, and when George gets called downstairs to the store, he tries to move in on Louise! Mother Jefferson comes to the rescue as Wendell tries cornering Weezy and kissing her against her will! George walks in and quickly takes control of the situation... Jefferson Style! "***** you got to be crazy!!!!!!" - his response to finding out Wendell was making passes at Weezy! Very funny episode, and cute little romantic bit at the end between George and Weezy as he tries to make up for neglecting her and causing her to feel unwanted.