The Jeffersons

Season 3 Episode 2

Louise Gets Her Way

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1976 on CBS

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  • This episode is mainly about Louise hiring a live-in maid and at first George is happy that Louise has made that decision. But when he finds out that Florence is the new live-in maid, he flips his top.

    I thought this episode was absolutely hiliarious. The actors in my opinion played their roles to the best of their abilities and the comic timing was right on point. Florence is down and out one because her building is being condemened, and very soon she will be out of a place to live. Louise feels that she could help Florence out by hiring her full time. When George comes home and finds out that Louise has hired a new live-in maid he is pleased with the decision. But, when he finds out that it is his chief rival of each day, Florence Johnston, he flips! The funniest part of this episode is after he supposedly fires Florence she tips him off about a man that is trying to scam him into buying some vans that were damaged. After the tip off, Florence and George beat the man up and send him out the door. The funny part about the fight is when George jumps up and down on the man's overcoat and throws it into the elevator. Very Funny!!!