The Jeffersons

Season 2 Episode 3

Louise's Daughter

Aired Unknown Sep 27, 1975 on CBS

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  • The Jeffersons Have Another Child! What?????????

    Everything is fine in The Jefferson apartment until a strange, young woman shows up at the door claiming to be the long-lost daughter of Louise. She and George both dismiss this claim until it's shown on the birth certificate that the father is the guy that Louise was dating while George was in Korea. Craziness ensues, especially from George.

    Now this is how you do comedy! What makes this episode really hilarious is how great the acting is, especially Sherman Hemsley as George. Some of the jokes he makes are absolutely hilarious, especially his reactions about the child. Not only is this episode funny, it's also heartfelt to the point to where we feel sorry for the child as she's looking for her real mother. All in all, Louise's Daughter does what TV comedy should do, be truly funny while being a little serious at doing so.
  • This episode is about a woman that comes to visit Louise and claims she\'s her daughter. Louise knows that she never had a daughter but the woman insists that Louise is her mother. At first George doesnt buy it but later in the show things take a turn.

    In my opinion this was a great show the actors did a wonderful job in portraying these characters. The funniest part of the show is when George finds out that the father of this woman is the name of a man that Louise secretly dated while George was serving in the Navy over in Korea. Louise insists that she\'s innocent but the birth certificate says otherwise. Thing were just haywire and George storms out of the house and down to charlies bar to drown himself in alcohol. This indeed was a very funny episode. I would give it two thumbs up.
  • I love this episode and can and have watched it several times. This is the episode in which a young lady surprises the Jeffersons with the news that she is Louise's daughter, given up for adoption in 1951, while George was in the Navy, serving in Korea.

    Well, I think this is a great episode because it doesn't stop being funny after the first time you watch it! It starts out with the Jeffersons returning from a wedding and mother Jefferson mentioning old flames for both George and Weezy. After agreeing that the past is the past, a surprise visitor arrives claiming that she was adopted immediately after birth in 1951, having a birth certificate stating that "Louise Mills" (Weezy's maiden name) is her mother. After they try and explain to the young lady that there must be some sort of mistake, she leaves. Then Mother Jefferson returns to tell George of a certain "Manfred Wilson" that Louise dated. George knows him as "100 % Wilson" because supposedly he "rang the bell with every fox he went out with!" Of course, George goes after the young lady only to find that Manfred Wilson was listed as the lady's father. George becomes very upset, and its up to Lionel to talk some sense into his father. Lovely episode, very funny, and quite entertaining!
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