The Jeffersons

Season 9 Episode 14

My Maid. . . My Wife

Aired Unknown Jan 09, 1983 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • PAULINE: Would you mind making me another Martini? That first one was abominable.

      LOUISE: Yes Ma'am.

      PAULINE: Up-Shaken, not stirred

      LOUISE: Yes Ma'am

      PAULINE: No Olive

      LOUUSE: Yes Ma'am

      PAULINE: In Other Words, "Do It Right".

      FLORENCE: I've had about all I can take of this.

      PAULINE: You mean you're going to fire her?

      FLORENCE: No, I can't. I work for her.

      PAULINE: WHAT?? You Work For Her??? Now wait a minute...

      FLORENCE: Let me get something straight Pauline. These are the Jefferson's and I'm their maid. Now this afternoon I was ashamed of that because you're always beating me at everything. So when I found out you'd gotten rich, I thought you'd beaten me again. But you know something? You Haven't.

      PAULINE: Uh, I haven't.

      FLORENCE: No, you haven't. It seems to me you've got 2 kids you don't care nothing about. And a husband who don't care nothin' about you.

      PAULINE: Are you quite through?

      FLORENCE: Not quite, get out of my house!

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