The Jeffersons

CBS (ended 1985)





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  • Funny And Well Written....

    This is like The ONLY Show that I will watch that Norman Lear had anything to do with... There are other people that produced this show... Somebody named Mike Milligan, and Don Nicholl, Michael Ross, Bernie West, ( "Three's Company" Producers ) and Peter Casey and David Lee ( "Cheers" And "Wings" Producers ) And it is produced by TAT Communications and NRW Productions... ( Three's Company Producers are NRW and DLT ) "The Jeffersons" was on for 11 years!! It has over 200 Episodes... And it has an interesting theme song.. which I am still learning all the words to it... I have watched many episodes ( It has been on many times recently, and previously it wasn't even on TV Land, because "The Jeffersons" And "Good Times" episodes were recently syndicated... ) and they are very funny and very well written... It is set in New York, ( every other show is set there, ) but it is still a great show, and you can't find many shows ( especilly today's current shows ) that are as good as this one... George can be annoying, but he can also be very helpful. And It is funny when Louise, or Wheezie, says anything that she wants to, and it is very funny when they all have arguements... This is one of the best shows, and It is very recommended, and should have more spin offs or something... And if there are some spin offs, then I don't know about them...