The Jeffersons

CBS (ended 1985)





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  • The Jefferson's was great for a laugh yesterday and still is today.

    I loved Olivia the most, when she'd intrude on Louise and talk in her squeaky voice, demanding a drink and to take a nap. Louise's exasperation at her and George were hilarious. George did go a little too overboard with the sarcasm though, namely toward Helen and Tom. I realize a lot of that was to counteract Archie Bunker's vociferous racism, but it doesn't sound good coming from a person of any ethnicity. I always felt badly for Tom, because of George's behavior, but thought he was a really neat character. He and Helen had an occasional tiff, but I always thought their marriage was a good example to George and Louise, despite George's hatred for their union. However, Lionel and Jenny provided a good link between the two families, solidifying the two fathers whether or not George liked it. And Florence was priceless. She probably knew how to handle George better than anyone on the show, and that, along with her witty and friendly personality was her crowning achievment.