The Jeffersons

Season 1 Episode 10

Rich Man's Disease

Aired Unknown Mar 22, 1975 on CBS

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  • I love this episode! This is the one where we get to hear George say to Weezy... "I'm gonna kiss you and hug you, grab you by the hair and DRAG you into the bedroom where I'm gonna make mad passionate love to you!" ... isn't that reason enough to watch!?

    This is the episode where George finds out he's developing an ulcer. He tries putting Weezy in a good mood first, which is where all the hugging, and kissing, and dragging into the bedroom for mad passionate love come in! lol Weezy then tries to keep George from getting upset which means she has to be mean to the Willis', put up with Mother Jefferson, and not argue with anything George says, which proves to be a very challenging task! This gives us a peek into how much George loves the "joyful stress" of his job, and how sexy he can be when alone with Weezy!