The Jeffersons - Season 1

CBS (ended 1985)




Episode Guide

  • Jenny's Low
    Episode 13
    Jenny's globe-trotting brother surprises his family with a visit home. While Tom and Helen, debate on the reason for Allan staying away so long, Jenny is anything but happy about his visit and her reason has nothing to do with him staying away for so long.
  • 4/5/75
    Louise becomes concerned when she sees Lionel beginning to act more and more like his father. Things come to a head when Lionel tries to get Jenny a seat on a campaign committee by using bribery. Meanwhile, Tom and Helen are at odds when they each back opposing candidates.
  • Former Neighbors
    Episode 11
    George comes home one evening with news an important potential client is coming over for dinner. However, Louise has news too. Some old friends of the Jeffersons are coming over, friends who George is afraid will embarrass him in front of his pompous client.
  • Rich Man's Disease
    Episode 10
    With the doctor's diagnosis that George has an ulcer, Louise tries to do everything to not allow George to become upset. This task proves difficult with Harry, Tom and Helen dropping in. However, when Mother Jefferson drops in for a visit, Louise treats her with respect but soon finds herself feeling ill.moreless
  • Meet the Press
    Episode 9
    Wanting publicity for his stores, George tries to get in on a reporter's series of stories on successful black businessmen. However, once he finally gets the reporter to make an appearance he finds it difficult to hold his attention, with the Willises and Mr. Bentley hanging around.
  • 3/8/75
    Mother Jefferson has been dating a man named Herbert Russell and they have become quite serious, so serious that he has asked her to marry him. George learns of Mother Jefferson's intentions of marriage and is totally against the idea, thinking her fiance is after his money.
  • Lionel Cries Uncle
    Episode 7
    Louise is expecting a visit from her Uncle Ward, a man who happens to be a butler. His job is what makes George and Lionel put him down, calling him an "Uncle Tom." Meanwhile, a fight at school prompts Lionel to get kicked out after he gives the principal a half peace sign.moreless
  • George's Skeleton
    Episode 6
    An old friend of George's, Monk Davis, drops in after learning of George's new found success. However, Monk has more on his mind than just a friendly visit. George finds himself being blackmailed by Monk who is holding the fact that George was one arrested for shoplifting when he was a kid over his head. Meanwhile, Louise becomes a plant and bird sitter when Mr. Bentley's latest girlfriend comes down with allergies.moreless
  • Mr. Piano Man
    Episode 5
    George refuses to participate in a tenants meeting until he learns the Mr. Whittendale will be there. George has hopes of doing business with the man. Meanwhile, George's want for a grand piano becomes a burden during the meeting when the piano that is delivered is obviously too large for their living room.moreless
  • Lionel the Playboy
    Episode 4
    Lionel's new wealthy lifestyle begins to have an effect on him and a carefree attitude begins to be seen by his family. He stays out all night every night and begins to cut class. He soon begins to debate on whether or not to drop out of college, something that Louise, George and Jenny are adamantly against.moreless
  • 2/1/75
    Louise is having a hard time getting use to her new wealthy lifestyle and the boredom that comes along with it. She begins trying to talk George into letting her work in the store in the building but he is totally against it. This leads her to inadvertently get a job with another cleaning business and George hits the ceiling when he learns the news. That is until he begins thinking of using her position for sabotage.moreless
  • 1/25/75
    The Willises give Louise and George a piece of primitive African art, as a housewarming gift, which leads to the discussion of family roots. George shows no interest in his family heritage that is until he discovers his family roots which reportedly are from an African tribe believed to be kings.moreless
  • A Friend in Need
    Episode 1
    The Jeffersons have moved on up and are now enjoying living in their new high-rise apartment. Louise has made a new friend in Diane Stockwell, who is having a hard time believing that George made his way up the ladder without doing anything shady. However, bigger problems are brewing when George insists that Louise hire a maid but Louise is totally against the idea.moreless