The Jeffersons - Season 10

CBS (ended 1985)




Episode Guide

  • Hart to Heart???
    Hart to Heart???
    Episode 19
    Ralph, the doorman, wants a raise and Louise and George give him the confidence he needs to ask Mr. Whittendale. However, the results are totally unexpected to him, when Mr. Whittendale announces the fact that he will no longer be needed, since they're going to install an automatic elevator.
  • George's Old Girl Friend
    Louise finds a perfume soaked letter in the mail to George from an old girlfriend. After a discussion, Louise decides to allow him to meet with her, which turns out to be a big mistake. Almost as soon as she arrives, she pulls a gun on him with intent to kill him.moreless
  • The Return of Bentley
    The Jeffersons and the Willises are all excited with the news that Harry Bentley is returning to New York. However, Mr. Whittendale is the one person who is standing in the way of Harry getting his old apartment back and George quickly joins Whittendale's bandwagon when the new occupant of Bentley's old apartment could make George a lot of money.moreless
  • What Makes Sammy Run?
    Louise discovers that Sammy Davis, Jr. is renting the apartment across the hall in order to get some peace and quiet from his fans. However, an ecstatic Louise has a hard time keeping his secret a secret.
  • Otis
    Episode 18
    George is all excited about having a magazine expose done on him and his cleaning business. However, the magazine wants to present a non-stereo typical view of blacks, and this is a problem for Otis, a shoeshine man who has his stand right out side of George's Harlem store.
  • Mission: Incredible (2)
    A furious Tom almost kills George when he learns he's been hustled out of $15,000, money that he had planned to use to make a down payment on a house. George calls in Jimmy to help him get Tom's money back. Jimmy talks George and Tom into flying out to Los Angeles, where Lloyd and Allan have fled. Once there, they meet Jimmy's cousin, a crafty man who has a well planned out way of getting Tom's money back. Meanwhile, Florence, who knows what George and Tom are up too, tells Louise and Helen and they rush to Los Angeles.moreless
  • Trading Places
    Trading Places
    Episode 15
    Louise has had it with George who breaks all his previous engagements with Tom and Mr. Bentley to go golfing on Saturday. This prompts Louise to daydream what it would be like to be in George's shoes and not care about the feelings of those around him.
  • My Guy, George
    My Guy, George
    Episode 16

    Florence manages to get George to become the manager of a struggling singing sister group. However, on their opening night, the place where George booked them turns out to be a country western bar and the reception from the audience is less than welcoming.

  • Real Men Don't Dry Clean
    Louise, Helen and Florence are in awe of the instructor of their self defense class, due to his rugged manly ways. This leads George and Tom to prove they too are manly and they decide to go on a hunting trip. However, after not getting anything on the trip they hire a taxidermy company to bring in stuffed animals and brag that they caught them.moreless
  • How Not to Marry a Millionaire
    Florence and her friend, Betty go down to the museum in hopes of landing millionaires. Florence is surprised when a millionaire follows her home and begins showering her with expensive gifts. However, his true intentions prove to be extremely painful to Florence.
  • Mission: Incredible (3)
    Jimmy's cousin puts his plan into effect which includes getting Lloyd and Allan to believe that Los Angeles is going to be hit by a military attack from a neighboring country. However, the plan could be ruined when Louise, Helen and Florence arrive in Los Angeles.
  • I Do, I Don't
    I Do, I Don't
    Episode 4
    Tom and Helen are hosting a seminar for newlyweds, a job that George learns that he could be doing if Louise hadn't passed on it without telling him. However, when Tom falls ill, George gets his chance of showing newlyweds how to keep the spice in a marriage, something Louise won't believe until she sees it.moreless
  • A New Girl in Town
    A New Girl in Town
    Episode 17
    Florence is excited when she learns that her 18 year old cousin, Rhonda, is coming to New York for a visit. This leads Louise and Florence to trick George into allowing her to stay with them. However, her plans for a short visit change when she decides to live permanently in New York. This leads to an argument with Florence which follows with Rhonda moving out and getting a job as a mud wrestler.moreless
  • Father Christmas
    Father Christmas
    Episode 10
    Refusing to go Christmas caroling with Louise, Helen, Florence and Harry, George and Tom sit home decorating the tree. This prompts reminiscing about Christmas' of the past, spent with their fathers.
  • The List
    The List
    Episode 8
    George gets a letter from an old friend who had made a bet with George years ago that he could accomplish everything on life goal list before George. This leads George to dig out his old list and finds that there is one thing he hasn't done, get even with a bully that picked on him when he was a kid.moreless
  • Who's the Fairest?
    Who's the Fairest?
    Episode 9
    For his latest promotion, George decides to hold a beauty contest to find Miss Jefferson Cleaners. Meanwhile, George's 10-year lease on his stores is up and Mr. Whittendale holds the new lease but he will only give it to George if his punk rocker niece wins the beauty contest.
  • The Command Post
    The Command Post
    Episode 13
    Florence is sad because George and Louise are going on a vacation to Atlantic City without her but she soon finds herself in the middle of excitement when she allows police officers to use the Jefferson's apartment to stakeout the neighbors across the street. However, Florence soon finds her self in danger landing her in the hospital.moreless
  • And the Winner Is . . .
    Louise is eyeing the Volunteer of the Year award for her work down at the Help Center. She's hopeful that she'll win since last year, Mrs. Van Morris beat her out and this year Mrs. Van Morris was away on a cruise. However, Mrs. Van Morris comes back just in time to sway the award toward her side by donating $2500 to the Help Center.moreless
  • In the Chips
    In the Chips
    Episode 22
    Jimmy arrives at the Jeffersons' apartment with a bag full of gambling chips and a wild story of how he got them. However, George is ready to kill him, when he discovers the chips aren't Jimmy's and a collector is on their tale ready to repossess the chips at all costs.moreless
  • Mission: Incredible (1)
    George has a reunion with some old navy buddies and the fact that Tom has become so gullible becomes a topic of discussion. This leads his old pals to talk him into playing a little con game on Tom to teach him a lesson. However, the con becomes a little to real when George's old pals, Lloyd and Allan make off with $15,000 of Tom's money. Tom fears that Helen will divorce him if she finds out since this was money which was to be used for a down payment on a house that has come up on the market.moreless
  • Honeymoon Hotel
    Honeymoon Hotel
    Episode 21
    Tom and Helen's 30th wedding anniversary is anything but happy when they get into a big argument over where they should go to spend the day together. They finally decide to go to the hotel where they spent their honeymoon. However, once they arrive, things go from bad to worse.
  • Getting Back to Basiks

    George needs a new gimmick for his dry cleaning business, so he decides to hire Walter, an artist, to put together a animated commercial. However, Walter's job with George is threatened when Louise discovers that he can't read.